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January 19, 2008

Traveled to Lucknow(Capital), Uttar Pradesh to attend my friend marriage.

19, 20/Jan/2008
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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I went to Lucknow(UP capital), Uttar Pradesh to attend my friend Dharmender Singh marriage with my friend Suyog. I never went to this place before, so its very good experience. We started in Bangalore on Friday(18/jan/08) evening in flight and reached Delhi.  We had more time in Delhi, So we decided to travel in Delhi Metro. Its look like international standard design and clean environment(hope other citys also will get this facility in future), in metro we reached New Delhi railway station to start our rail journey to Lucknow. We started train journey from New Delhi & reached Lucknow(its 490 Km from new delhi) in morning. My friend came to railway station to pickup, so we don’t have any issue to reach hotel. We spend two days in Lucknow, Other then the marriage we visited to some place to explore this city. I thought of sharing my travel experience other then the marriage.

Delhi Metro

When I spend two days in this city, I feel like this is very big Town instead of City.

Beautiful and Big Lucknow Railway Station.

Day 1: we went to the place called “Parivarthan Chowk”, where we can see more Heritage Buildings. We have seen two (Maqbara Saadtali – Monument, Tomb of Mushirzad) old Muslim architect buildings. We can’t go inside this temple, it was closed long back. In the same road we found some more same type of the buildings, most of the building are active. We went to some of the park in the same road. Nothing interesting, Nothing Exciting.

Next we went to Aminabad Market to buy Chicken work dresses. Lucknow famous for Chicken Work(Handmade design in Sarie, Sudidar, etc). Its really big and old market for dresses, Gun, etc. Yes you can see gun market also. You can find beautiful Chicken work cloth for very cheap rate. Its really beautiful !!

All this time we traveled in Auto rickshaw(Rs 5) and Cycle rickshaw(Rs 10). There is no much expense at all.

Day 2: Today my friend arranged the car to go for local tour. First went to “Bara Imambara”. But the place was closed due to some Muslim festival. Its really beautiful Muslim Architecture. After we went to one more “chotta Imambara”. This is all Muslim religious places in Lucknow.

We heard one small zoo in this city, but we are not interested to go. No other tourist place in this city, so we came back to room(Hotel Aadharshila, Alambagh).  Generally people telling Lucknow famous for non-veg food, but I am not able to find any good hotel.

Sunday night we started from lucknow to Delhi in train & reached monday morning. We reached to Bangalore in flight from Delhi.

Overall, I attended Grand Exciting Marriage(I never seen before) and Seen one simple town(city) in 2 days. Very long and different type of the trip. Its great time.

by Udhaya Kumar.V, udhaya@udhaya.com

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