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India Sudar

India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust is registered as non-governmental, non-religious and non-profitable social welfare organization. This organization sincerely works for the education of orphan and poor children. Most often we implement educational projects using resources of Information Technology.

Vision: Develop a powerful India by providing Education.

Visit Us: www.indiasudar.org & indiasudar.wordpress.com

About us:

India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust strongly believes that only education can elevate the people who are downtrodden and backward both economically and socially. India Sudar makes sincere effort to contribute its part in a move towards this goal. India Sudar was promoted in the year 2004 by the young Indians who wish to envision the well developed, self supported and peaceful India, where there is no digital divide. India Sudar dedicates itself in providing education to everyone in this country.

India Sudar does financial aid to the orphanages and homes for economically weaker sections of this society. India Sudar members donate money to the Trust at their will. This fund is consumed only for the purpose of education of the children. India Sudar continuously monitor the student’s progress through regular visit to the sites. This ensures accountability on either sides. The feedback from members and beneficiaries are analyzed and project plans are revised according to that regularly. All Financial transactions are transparent and available at web site.

We have a Internal Team for every State involved (TN,KA,PY,KL & AP) and these Teams takes care of Identifying sites like children Homes, Orphanages, Schools in rural villages etc., Studying their needs, Planning & executing the activities and Visiting the existing sites to monitor the progress in the corresponding States.

India Sudar is a registered Trust and is audited by the Govt. of India (Register Number: 454/2004). The donations to India Sudar are exempted from Tax under sec.80G.

Problem statement:

  1. Only 65.4% of Indian population knows how to read and write.
  2. 350 millions(35%) of people can’t read and write.
  3. In 1000 children 82 of them where sent to hazardous labor jobs due to poverty.
  4. 5 Lakhs formal schools for population of 2390 lakhs.
  5. 14% of schools doesn’t have proper building.
  6. 38% of schools doesn’t have black board.
  7. 30% of schools have only one teacher.
  8. 58% of schools doesn’t have drinking water.
  9. 70% of children drop out before class ten(10th).

India Sudar solution(Project) to elevate India through education:

  1. Deploying Teachers: Deployment of teachers for selected village schools, orphanages, tuition centres (India sundar Tuition centres), Computer centres(India Sundar computer training centre) to provide consistent and continuous educationl training.
  2. Education Stationaries: Providing books, notes, stationeries, school bags, school uniforms and shoes for every academic year.
  3. Provide Training: Conducting seminars, self-development programs, cultural programs, quiz programs and career development programs.
  4. Education for Individual: Providing complete education aid for one academic year for one student.
  5. India Sudar Computer Training Center: Providing complete training through India Sudar Computer Training Center at free of cost.  India Sudar having five Computer Training Centers in Villages to provided Computer Training to Poor and Orphan students at free of cost.
  6. India Sudar Library: India Sudar Book based Library & India Sudar Digital Learning Center.
  7. Serving Food: Providing food for students.
  8. Education Environment: India Sudar plants a tree for each project and ensures that trees will be taken care by the project beneficiary.

India Sudar Mission 2009-10:

  1. India Sudar existing projects (Deploying Teachers, Education Stationaries, Provide Training, Education for Individual, Free Computer Training and Library) will be extended to rural areas in most of the state.
  2. India Sudar service will be extended to North India. Currently we are working only in South India.
  3. India Sudar will setup Library & Digital Learning Center for Government Schools and Home.
  4. India Sudar will setup more Learning Centers (tuition for academic, spoken English) in Villages to support primary education.
  5. India Sudar will extend Career Path program for selected district. This will be demonstrated only for government schools.
  6. India Sudar will setup more Computer Training Centers for all India Sudar selected states. India Sudar will use IT Tools to educate village students.
  7. India Sudar will initiate educational transformation through Math’s, Science models and activity based programs.
  8. India Sudar will initiate the activity to handle dropout through teacher training, fulfill the economical requirement for students and learning centers.
  9. India Sudar will build more leaders within the organization to extend our service to across country.
  10. India Sudar will create more offshore teams for fund raising, inviting more volunteers and broadcast our vision.

India Sudar Achievements(2004 to 2010):

0 Administrative overhead
1 Educational and Charitable Trust
8 Indian states/union territory in scope
15 India Sudar teams
23 Partner organizations
94 Educational institutions
10 Computer center started
22 Library started for gov schools
184 Teachers deployed
102 Individual students received scholarship
444 Projects executed
833 Registered members
26,336 Students benefited
33,89,989 INR invested to elevate India.

How to join with us ?

Step 1:

Mail the following details to admin@indiasudar.org
1. Name
2. Address
3. Mail ID
4. Phone
5. Company Name
6. Reference Name

Step 2:

Subscribe to India Sudar Yahoo Group account by emailing to indiasudar-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. We will be sending Newsletters and Account sheets through this group. Hence subscribing to this group is required to be a member of India Sudar.

Reach Us: admin@indiasudar.org


  1. hi.udhaya this photo’s was very nice, and i read the about (india suder) nice
    and my name is jayakumar iam stding BCA Ist year in pachaiyappa’s college in chennai.

    Comment by JAYAKUMAR.L — March 21, 2011 @ 2:54 pm | Reply

  2. Namaste IUday anna….
    with your motivation and India Sudar team work we will serve better…

    Comment by Mahesh Bellavi — March 22, 2014 @ 11:05 am | Reply

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