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March 11, 2009

15 Days Ride: Bangalore – Mumbai – Rajasthan – Agra – Gwalior – Bangalore

City Crossed: Bangalore(Karnatka) -> Pune(Maharastra)) -> Navi Mumbai -> Vadodara(Gujarat) -> Ahmadabad -> Mount Abu(Rajasthan) -> Udaipur -> Chittaurgarh -> Jaipur -> Jodhpur -> Jaisalmer -> Bikaner -> Jaipur -> Agra(UP) -> Gwalior(MP) -> Jhansi(UP) -> Sagar(MP) -> Nagpur(Maharastra) -> Hyderabad(Andhra Pradesh) -> Banglaore(Karnatka)

State Crossed: Karnatka -> Maharastra -> Gujarat -> Rajasthan -> Uthra Pradesh -> Madhya Pradesh -> UP -> MP -> Maharastra -> Andhra Pradesh -> Karnatka

Day wise ride distance and route: (Day – Date – Km Started – Km End – Distance – Route)

Day1 -20DEC08- 000-710 -710km- Bangalore(marthalli) – Hubbli(KA) – Karar (100km before pune)

Day2 -21DEC08- 710-1250 -540km- Karar – Pune – Navi Mumbai – Valsad(Gujarat)

Day3 -22DEC08- 1219-1375 -156km- Valsad(GJ) – Valsad sigth seeing – Kheem(30km from surath)

Day4 -23DEC08- 1375-1861 -486km- Kheem – Vodadhra(baroda) – Ahmadabad – Himanthpure(GJ) – Mount Abu(RJ)

Day5 -24DEC08- 1862-2083 -221km- Mount Abu sigtseeing – Udaipur – Udaipur sigtseeing

Day6 -25DEC09- 2083-2445 -362km- Udaipur sigtseeing – Chittorgarh – Kishangarh(100km before Jaipur)

Day7 -26DEC08- 2445-2672 -227km- Kishangarh – Jaipur – Jaipur Sightseeing – Kishangarh

Day8 -27DEC08- 2672-3210 -538km- Kishangarh – Jodhpur – Pokaran – Jaislmer

Day9 -28DEC08- 3210-3268 -58km- Jaislmer sightseeting – Khudi – Jaislmer

Day10 -29DEC08- 3268-3788 -520km- Jaislmer – Bikaner – Sri Dungargarh(before Sikar)

Day11 -30DEC08- 3788-4315 -527km- Dungargarh – Sikar(RJ) – Agra(UP)

Day12 -31DEC08- 4315-4582 -267km- Agra – Taj Mahal – Jhansi(UP)

Day13 -01JAN09- 4582-5045 -463km- Jhansi(UP) – Sagar(MP) – Seoni(MP)

Day14 -02JAN09- 5041-5648 -607km- Seonie(MP) – Nagpur(MH) – Hyderbad(AP)(stopped before 30km)

Day15 -03JAN09- 5648-6292 -644km- Hyderbad(AP) – Bangalore(KA)

Total expense: Rs.19,716 (Rs.7,690 for Food & Stay + Rs.12,026 for Petrol & Oil) + Rs.10,000 Ride material with backup.

Ride participants: Udhaya Kumar.V & Jawahar in Royal Enfield Thunder Bird.

Ride duration with distance: 6292 Km covered in 15 days

Hotel stay:

Maharastra – we can find lot of roadside hotels to stay at night for Rs.200 to 400.

Gujarat – We can find excellent roadside hotels for Rs.200 to 300 itself.

Rajasthan – There is no roadside hotel to stay, so we should find near by town to stay at night. Generally in Rajasthan city hotel rates will start from Rs.700, don’t accept this fixed rate, you can very well reduce the rate based on season.

UP, MP, AP – We can find the hotel only in town to stay at night.

Road status:

Karnatka – Good road

Maharastra – Very good road, But NH7 under construction, So no road at NH7

Gujarat – Excellent road

Rajasthan – Very Good road

Uthra Pradesh – Good road near to Agra, but worst/no road in NH

Madhya Pradesh – worst/no road in NH.

Andhra Pradesh – NH7 under construction, So we can see lot of deviation.

Ride photos from Gujarath – Rajasthan – Agra:

Ride Log:

Day-1, 20DEC09, 04.00 AM, 0Km, started from Marthalli, Bangalore

07.30AM, 163Km, we took breakfast at Javangaonadahalli(Before chitradurga).

01.00PM, 416Km, stopped for lunch at HUBBLI.

07.00PM, 710km, we decided to stop riding and stay at Karar (100km before pune)

Day-2, 21DEC09, 06.30AM, 710Km started our ride towards Pune, Bombay to reach Ahamadabad.

10.00AM, We took breakfast at PUNE.

12.30PM, 963Km, Jawar bike silence bold was broken so we stopped before bombay & check with local mechanic, But he said he cant fix this So we decided to raid towards Gujarath & fix it in valsad Royal Enfield Service Center.

02.45PM, 1034Km, We reached NAVI MUMBAI and riding towards NH8(to reach Ahamadabad)

04.00PM, 1071Km, We entered in NH8 and stopped for lunch, We spend more time to cross Navi Mumbai, We try to find any bypass for this city, but we are not find anything.

09.00PM, 1250, We reached VALSAD(Gujarath) & decided to stay there because we need to fix our bike issue in Royal Enfield Service center. As per our plan we need to reach Ahamadabad, but it not happened.

Day-3, 22DEC08,09.15AM, 1219Km, We went to Service center & handover Jawhar bike to fix the issue, They said it will take full day to fix this issue. Even they don’t have bullet mechanic in this service center & they hired one person for this work.

11.00AM, 1219Km, Visited to Anand & Puriv house in Anand father car. Anand father came to service center and took us. We took very good Gujaraty food at anand house.

Visited to Anand & Puriv house at Valsad

Visited to Anand & Purvi house at Valsad

01.00 PM, 1219km, Visited to Saibaba temple & Aithial Beach (Valsad beach)

02.00PM, 1219Km, Visited to Swamy Narayan Temple at valsad, its near by beach itself & we came back to service center.

Aithial Beach (Valsad beach), Gujarath

Swamy Narayan Temple at valsad

Swamy Narayan Temple at valsad, Gujarath

04.30PM, 1276Km, Jawar bullet was ready to ride, So we started our ride towards Ahmadabad.

07.00PM, 1375Km, We stopped at Kheem, Gujarath(30km from surath) and found one nice road side Lorry hotel(Royal Inn) to stay. We will find very good road side hotels at gujarath just for rs.250 per night.

Day 4, 23DEC08, 06.45AM, 1375Km, Started our ride towards Ahmadabad from Royal Inn.

08.45AM, 1458Km, We stopped for breakfast & we took Bujia(Gujarathi Breakfast).

10.00AM, 1507Km, We reached Vodadhra(Baroda). We have Express High way between Baroda to Ahmadabad, Local people telling its best express high way even comparing with Pune-Mumbai Express High Way. Any bikes not allowed any of the Express high way, So we riding in national high way itself. 105Km needs to go to reach Ahmadabad.

Camel used at Gujarath

Camel used at Gujarath

12.00PM, 1609Km, We reached Ahmadabad & took Ahmadabad bypass(Delhi road) to reach Mount Abu(RJ).

02.00PM, 1700Km, Reached Himanthpure & took deviation from high way to reach this place. We completed our lunch, This is our last day at Gujarath & started to Mount Abu.

05.00PM, 1816Km, Great !! Finally we entered in Rajasthan at Palanpur. Always I realized one thing, if you cross any state at any place non of the police man or check post will stop you !! non of them will stop you at any state border, just keep riding.

05.45PM, 1835Km, We reached Abu road & talking to local people with coffee about mount. You can see Mount Abu from this place & needs to ride through Mount abu road. This is only one mountain in complete RJ, so its famous.

07.00PM, 1861Km, We reached top of the Abu Mount and found one hotel(Swasthik) to stay. You can see small town on this mount & its very cold place at RJ.

Day-5, 24DEC08, 09.00AM, 1862Km, Started from hotel for local sightseeing

09.30AM, 1864Km, We reached NAKKAL LAKE. I feel like standard, you will go to any mountain you can see some lake. Its very small lake top of this mountain & having boating also. Nice to spend your time at this place, you can see lot of tourist at this place.

NAKKAL LAKE, Abu Mount, Rajasthan

NAKKAL LAKE, Abu Mount, Rajasthan

After we reached UNIVERSAL PEACE HALL & attended 20 mins session, which will explain about Goad, Universal, Activity, etc

After we went to DELWAR TEMPLE. Its very small and nice marble temple at this mountain

DELWAR TEMPLE, Abu Mount, Rajasthan

DELWAR TEMPLE, Abu Mount, Rajasthan

We started riding to see GURU SHIKHAR temple. This is placed at highest point of this mountain. We will get very good view from this temple.

Guru Shikhar temple, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Guru Shikhar temple, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

12.45PM, 1898Km, We went to ADHAR DEVI temple & decided to skip this because we need to walk.

01.45PM, 1899Km, We took lunch and started to Udaipur

05.30PM, 2067Km, Reached Udaipur and after searching several hotel we found one hotel for Rs.600. Today we riding in 4Lane road, its nice road but only problem its under construction. They are cutting hunderes of mountain to make this butiful 4 lane road.

07.00PM, Visited to SUKHADI CIRCLE within city itself, Its very small water fountain within city and you can found small boating also. Afte we went to FATEH SAGAR LAKE, we just romaing in the bike and nothing to do much. Yes offcourse this lake also having boating, any way nothing to do at night.

Day6, 25DEC09, 08.45AM, 2083Km, We started to city palace and on the we decided to see JAGADISH TEMPLE.

09.00AM,  2083Km, We reached JAGADISH TEMPLE, its very nice white marbale temple. We spend near 30min in the temple and decide to reach City Palace. Any its very neary by from this temple.

JAGADISH TEMPLE, Udaipur, Rajasthan

JAGADISH TEMPLE, Udaipur, Rajasthan

09.45AM, 2083Km, We reached “THE CITY PALACE” and we spend  more time inside this palace. We have wonderful city view from this palce & back side of this palace we can see PICHOLA LAKE. Even we can see two more palace middle of this Pichola Lake, which was converted as Taj hotels. We seen four palace which was converted as hotels. Nice to see this palace with lake.

The City Palace, Pichola Lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan:

11.30AM 2089Km, Came back to hotel and decide to ride Jaipur,  actually one of the lorry driver recommended to see this CHITTORGARCH Fort. That’s the reason we decided to ride in this route like Chittorgarch and Jaipur, Other wise we will ride to jodhpur & planned to see jaipur while coming back.

01.45PM, 2213Km, We reached CHITTORGARH town and took lunch, from this town we can able to see Chittorgarh fort. We came in excellent NH76 four Lane road, We took 1.30hrs to cross 125km.

03.30 PM, 2223Km, We spend some time at Chittorgarh fort & noting great to see this place other then one tower & old temples. So we started our ride towards JAIPUR.

08.00 PM, 2445Km, We stopped at KISHANGARH for night stay. This will comes 100km before jaipur. Its excellent four lane road between Chittorgarch to Kishangarh. so we hade very nice ride today.

Day-7, 26DEC09, 07.45AM, 2445Km, We started to JAIPUR from KISHANGARH.

09.45AM 2546Km, Reached JAIPUR and found Royal Enfield Service center to fix Jawahar bike issue. They need at lest half day to fix this issue, so we decided to go for local sightseeing in my bullet.

11.00AM, 2562Km, Beautiful pink city & every building looks in pink color only. Unfortunate this city having very badly traffic system & mostly people keep driving without following any rule(no traffic discipline).

We went to AMBER FORT and spend more time in this place, its really beautiful fort & you can see very good view from this mountain. Near by we seen two more fort, but we decide to skip those fort. After that we reached JALMAHAL, its small palace and located middle of water.



We reached CITY PALACE, which is located within JAIPUR city itself. We spend some time inside the palace & watching old things. Nice to see



We came back and reached HAWA MAHAL, its one of the famous Rajasthan identify. Generally I have impression this will be very big MAHAL and holding complete city. But not, Its small one. HAWA MAHAL architecture having several floors, so we can go floor by floor through steps. Wonderful science Implemented using wonderful Architecture. Excellent to see this !! We completed our sightseeing and decided to go back to service center. Now we started to JODHPUR, 335 km needs to go.



04.00PM, 2572Km, We reached service center and Jawahar TB ready now. I have serviced my bullet, it means just changed Engine Oil noting more then this.

05.00 PM        Stopped for lunch at roadside hotel & done.

6.45PM, 2672Km, We stopped at KISHANGARH, where we stayed yesterday & we stayed in the same hotel.

Day8, 27DEC08, 08.15AM, 2672Km, We started our ride to JODHPUR, 240Km needs to go.

09.45AM, 2738Km, We took rajasthani breakfast with sweets.

01.30PM, 2926Km, We reached JODHPUR fort(MEHRANGARH FORT), Excellent architecture top of the mountain. I feel, first time I am seeing more design in fort in Rajasthan. One more Jodhpur palace also in this city, but we decided to skip the palace and ride to JAISLMER.

06.30PM, 3100Km, We reached POKARAN, still 110km needs to go to reach JAISLMER. This is completely two lane road(no divider). We decided to reach jaislmer and stay there itself.

08.30PM, 3210Km, We reached Jaisalmer & Its first very Cold ride in single road at night. Rates are very high in this city to stay because of tourism. Any way no other go.

Day-9, 28DEC09, 10.30AM, 3210Km, Started for sightseeing.

12.45PM, 3212Km, This city called “Golden City” because of all building colors. All the building looks in Golden color only. We reached JAISALMER FORT & we spend some time there & did some shopping near by.



02.15PM, 3216KM, We started to KHUDI Desert.

04.00PM, 3268Km, We went to camel ride in desert & spend remaining time in desert itself. We seen more people waiting to see “Sun Set” from this desert. Nice to see sun set from this place.

07.00PM, We came back to hut where we needs to stay at night. Its near by desert itself.

Day-10, 29DEC09, 08.30AM, 3268Km, Started from Jaislmer to Bikaner.

02.00PM, 3569Km, Stopped for lunch before bikaner, still 85mk needs to go.

04.30PM, 3696Km, We reached Kanni Madha Temple. This temple filled by rate & you can see rate every ware keep moving and eating. Nice to see this temple with lot lot of rates, I have seen one of the discovery programs based on this temple about these rates. We decided to reach Taj Mahal(Agra) through JAIPUR route & started our ride.

Kanni Madha Temple(Rate Temple) at Bikaner

Kanni Madha Temple, Bikaner

Kanni Madha Temple, Bikaner

08.00PM, 3788Km, We stopped at SRI DUNGARGARH(Before Sikar) & found one hotel to stay. Most of the time more problem to get roadside hotel in Rajasthan, there is no roadside hotel, only we need to reach any town to stay.

Day-11, 30DEC08, 08.45AM, 3788Km, We started from DUNGARGARH and riding towards Agra through JAIPUR.

12.00PM, 3999Km, We crossed SIKAR and stopped for lunch, Still 300km needs to go to reach Agra. We found Jawahar bike had some oil leakage in engine tube, We decided to stop at jaipur to fix this.

01.45PM, 4062Km, We reached same Royal Enfield Service center to fix oil leakage issue & fixed at free of cost.

02.45PM, 4062Km, We started our ride to Agra, Still 220km needs to go.

05.00PM, We are not able to see the road properly because of complete fog from 4.00pm itself

08.00PM, 4315Km, We reached Agra & Checked in hotel. Today we had very bad ride because of bad weather(Complete fog, not able to see road) & bad road.

Day-12, 31DEC08, 08.30AM, 4315Km, We reached Taj Mahal & filled by fog. First time we took paid guide to see this place in our complete tour.

Taj Mahal, Agra, UP

Taj Mahal, Agra, UP

11.30AM, 4327Km, We completed our Tour & Needs come back to Bangalore now. Initially we planned to go to Delhi from there we will reach bangalore in Train, but we are not able to get train ticket. So we decided to ride back to bangalore.

07.00PM, 4582Km, Stopped at JHANSI(UP) and found hotel to stay. This hotel was decorated and ready for New Year celebration. But today we had very worst ride because of worst road so we are not in New Year celebration mood. We took good dinner & went for sleep.

Day13, 01JAN09, 08.00PM, 4582Km, We started our ride towards Nagpur, MH.

Narmada River, MP

Narmada River, MP

01.00PM, 4799Km, We stopped before Sagar(MP) for lunch.

07.30PM, 5045Km, We stopped at SEONI(MP) for night stay. Very bad road at UP & MP in this National High way.

Day14, 02JAN09, 07.30AM, 5041Km, Started from SEONIE(MP) to HYDERABAD(AP).

09.45AM, 5188Km, We reached NAGPUR(MH) and took breakfast.

Near Nagpur, MH

Near Nagpur, MH

08.00PM, 5648Km, Reached Hyderbad(Sopped before 30km) & find hotel to stay. NH7 under construction, So no road or bad road at Maharashtra.

ISKON temple at AP

ISKON temple at AP

Day15, 03JAN09, 07.00AM, 5648Km, Started to Bangalore.

08.00PM, 6292Km, Reached Bangalore.

My Bul :-)

My Bul 🙂

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