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February 3, 2010

Thunder Dragon Motorcycle Ride – 14 days – Bangalore – Bhuton – Gangtok(SK)

Thunder Dragon Motorcycle Ride – 14 days (19DEC09 to 01JAN10), 4080 Km, Bangalore(KA) – Kolkata(WB) – Siliguri(WB) – Thimpu(Bhuton) – Paro – Haa – Punaka – Siliguri(WB) – Gangtok(SK) – Siliguri.

1. Ride Name : I Planned to ride Bangalore to Bhuton &  decided to explore some near places based on day availability as much as possible. But I visited to Bhuton and Gangtok(Sikim – India) as part of the ride. I planned to ride Darjeeling(WB) from Siliguri, But because of gorkhaland issue, most of the days Darjeeling high way was closed. So I am not went to this place, even though its just 60km from my place.

Bhutan the land of the Thunder Dragon, Yes generally people call it as “Thunder Dragon Ride”. I am even thinking, we can call it as “Rice Belt Ride” also. I can see rice rice rice in all my route, start from Karnatka – Tamil Nadu – Andhra Pradesh – West Bengal – Bhuton !!

Initially I planned ride with one of my friend. But no one confirmed for this ride and finally I decided to ride solo. Anyway it won’t be that difficult other then some unexpected thing will happen for my bike. I felt, I have some basic backup kit for the bike and manageable. Let me ride and see, instead of doing too much of thinking and planning.

2. Ride participants: Udhaya Kumar.V in Royal Enfield Thunder Bird (Solo Ride)

3.City Crossed: Bangalore(KA) –NH7- Krishnagiri – NH46-Vellore – Chennai – NH5-Tada(AP) – Nellore – Ongole – Vijayawada – Visakhapatnam –NH5- Rambha(OR) – Bhubaneswar –NH5- Remuna –NH60 – Rupsa – Kolkata(WB) – NH34 – Krishnanagar – Berhampore – Malda – Dalkola -Kishanganj – Islampur – – Bagdogra – Siliguri(WB) –  Dhupguri – NH31C-Jaigon (Border City) – Phuntsholing – Thimpu(Bhuton) – Paro – Haa – Thimpu – Punaka – Thimpu – Siliguri(WB) – Sevoke – NH31A – Gangtok.

Indian State Crossed: Karnatka – > Tamil Nadu -> Andhra Pradesh -> Orisa -> West Bengal -> Thimput(Bhuton) -> Paro(Bhuton) -> Haa(Bhuton) – Punaka(Bhuton) – > Sikim

Country Crossed: India -> Bhuton

4.Ride Distance with duration: 4,080 Km covered in 14 days (19DEC09 to 01JAN10)

5.Day wise ride distance and route: (Day – Date – Distance – Route)

Day1 – 19DEC09 – 825 km – Bangalore (KA) –NH7- Krishnagiri – NH46-Vellore – Chennai – NH5-Tada(AP) – Nellore – Vijayawada(AP)

Day2 – 20DEC09 – 722 km – Vijayawada – Visakhapatnam –NH5- Rambha(OR) (Stopped 130Km before  Bhubaneswar)

Day3 – 21DEC09 – 643 Km – Rambha(OR) – Bhubaneswar –NH5- Remuna –NH60 – Rupsa – Kolkata(WB) – Barasat(WB)

Day4 – 22DEC09 – 584 km – Kolkata(WB) – NH34 – Krishnanagar – Berhampore – Malda – Dalkola -Kishanganj – Islampur – Bagdogra – Siliguri(WB)

Day5 – 23DEC09 – 173 Km – Siliguri(WB) –  Dhupguri – NH31C-Jaigon (Border City) – Phuntsholing

Day6 – 24DEC09 – 198 Km – Phuntsholing – Thimpu(Bhuton)

Day7 – 25DEC09 – 300 Km – Thimpu(Bhuton) – Paro – Haa – Thimpu

Day8 – 26DEC09 – 116 Km – Thimpu(Bhuton) – Dochula – Punaka – Thimpu

Day9 – 27DEC09 – 327 Km – Thimpu(Bhuton) – Phuntsholing – Siliguri(WB)

Day10 – 28DEC09 – 128 Km – Siliguri(WB) – Sevoke – NH31A – Gangtok(SK)

Day11 – 29DEC09 – 74 Km – Gangtok(SK) – Rumtek – Lingdum – Gangtok(SK)

Day12 – 30DEC09 – 0 Km – Gangtok(SK) – Nathula Pass – Baba Mandir – Tsongo Lake – Gangtok(SK)

Day13 – 31DEC09 – 116 Km – Gangtok(SK) – Siliguri(WB)

Day14 – 01JAN10 – 0 Km – Bagdogra(WB) – Guwahati – Delhi – Bangalore – In Flight

6.Total Expense – Rs.41,315

Travel Ready:

Ride Gear (Tank bag, Glose, etc) Purchase – Rs.5,300

Bike backup kit purchase – Rs.2,100

Bike Service – Rs.2,300

Travel Expense:

Petrol Expense for 13 days – Rs.6,820

Bike Service at Siliguri(WB) – Rs.2,122

Hotel Room Rent for 13 days – Rs.5,929

Food, Coffee, water, Taxi, Entrance Charge, Miscellanies for 14 days – Rs.4,326

Return Expense :

Siliguri to Banglaore Bike Transport charge in GATI – Rs.4,250

Siliguri to Bangalore Flight Charge + Taxi – Rs.8,168

7.Hotel stay:

Some good and economical hotels information to share. It may be useful for others while going with friends/family.

Orisa, 120Km before Bhubaneswar – Panthanivas, Rambha, Orisa Tourism Development Corporatoin Ltd

Siliguri (WB) –  Hotel “Air View Palace”, 9 Hill cart road, siliguri-1, Phone-(91-0353) 2528178.

Gangtok, Sikim – Hotel Highway, Near Tenzing & Tenzing, N H 31 A, Gangtok, Sikkim, Ph- 03592 203017.

Phuntsholing (Bhuton) – Paradise Palace hotel, its very near to Phuntsholing Gate & Immigration office.

Thimpu, Bhuton – Hotel Tandin, Norzin Lam, Thimpu, Ph – 975–2 –323380, 975-2-323381, email – hoteltandin@druknet.bt . This hotel in main city/road itself & reachable everything. Even well know landmark for local people. Even nominal rate in this hotel, yes I paid Rs.550 per day.

8.Bike Backup & Travel Kit :

Puncture Kit: Air Pump (Foot pump) , Valve tube removing key, Tire removing levers, Tube patches, Spare Tube

Bike Backup Kit: Clutch Cable, Accelerator Cable, Hand Liver, Foot Rest , Screw driver complete set, Spanner (full set in all size), Cutting player, Chain Lock, Hammer, Front Light, Spark Plug, Spare bike key , Engine Oil (20-40 W)

Other Kit: Road Atlas (Eicher)  maps book, Candle, Lighter, knife, Torch, Sony Laptop(w series) with TATA Photon connectivity

Ride Gear: Touring Saddlebag, Magnetic Tank bag, Armoured Riding Jacket, Ridng Pants, Riding Gloves

9.Ride Photo:

Single View – Bangalore – Calcutta – Siliguru – Bhuton – Sikim – Bangalore – 14 Days Ride: http://picasaweb.google.com/udhaya.v/BangaloreCalcuttaSiliguruBhutonSikimBangalore14DaysRide

Bangalore to Siliguri (Day1-19DEC09 to Day4-22DEC09): http://picasaweb.google.com/udhaya.v/BangaloreToSiliguriDay119DEC09ToDay422DEC09

Siliguri(WB)-Phuntsholin-Thimpu(Bhuton) (Day5-23DEC09, Day6-24DEC09, Day9-27DEC09): http://picasaweb.google.com/udhaya.v/SiliguriWBPhuntsholinThimpuBhutonDay523DEC09Day624DEC09Day927DEC09

Paro(Bhuton) and Haa (Day6 – 24DEC09 and Day7 – 25DEC09): http://picasaweb.google.com/udhaya.v/ParoBhutonAndHaaDay624DEC09AndDay725DEC09

Thimpu(Bhuton) and Punaka (Day6 – 24DEC09 and Day8 – 26DEC09 ): http://picasaweb.google.com/udhaya.v/ThimpuBhutonAndPunakaDay624DEC09AndDay826DEC09

Siliguri(WB) to Gangtok(SK), (Day10 – 28DEC09 and Day13 – 31DEC09): http://picasaweb.google.com/udhaya.v/SiliguriWBToGangtokSKDay1028DEC09AndDay1331DEC09

Gangtok, Sikkim (SK), India – (Day12-30DEC09): http://picasaweb.google.com/udhaya.v/GangtokSikkimSKIndiaDay1230DEC09

Gangtok, Sikim(SK), Sight Seeing, (Day11-29DEC09): http://picasaweb.google.com/udhaya.v/GangtokSikimSKSightSeeingDay1129DEC09

10.Road Map:

11. Ride Log:

Day 1, 19 Dec 2009, 1 – 825 km, 825 km – Bangalore (KA) –NH7- Krishnagiri – NH46-Vellore – Chennai – NH5-Tada(AP) – Nellore – Vijayawada(AP)

05.30 AM Started from marathally, Bangalore and planning to reach Chennai for breakfast. Its beautiful road little cold in the morning, but before vellore by bike break started giving some issue and fixed manually & Nothing much to worry.

10.30 AM Reached Chennai and started the traffic in the morning time. Any way crossed city and get into NH5. I can see name board for Kolkata from here. I have to ride three days to reach Kolkata. I am seeing this Name board(shows 1689 KM to Kolkata) several years. Good to feel, I will reach Kolkata by road.

Shows 1689 KM to Kolkata from Chennai.

I am seeing this Name board several years, Shows 1689 KM to Kolkata from Chennai

01.15 PM reached Nellore and took lunch. Three days back it was raining this places, I am lucky there is no rain now. Other wise I will stuck in this rain.

07.00 PM I reached Vijayawada and searching hotel to stay. Finally I found the hotel and checked in within city itself. I was rooming some time in the city after my dinner. I feel its small and very good city compare with other city/town in AP. That’s nice took very good Briyani, but its really heavy. I don’t know how one person can eat this much briyani.

I am planning to start early tomorrow, So that I will reach Bhuvaneswar tomorrow itself.

Day 2, 20 Dec 2009, 826 –1547 km, 722 km – Vijayawada – Visakhapatnam –NH5- Rambha(OR) (Stopped 130Km before Bhubaneswar)

05.30 AM: I planned to start early morning so that I can reach Bhuvaneswar in the same day. But took more time to bring my bike back from some common parking place in this City and started at 6.00 AM only.

12.00 PM: Any way its very good NH5 Road, so just keep riding nothing much worries. I can see complete rice farming land on they way. Yes AP filled by rice only.

2.00 PM: Entering in Orisa, yes we can see different type of the temple architecture and people. But common things still remains “rice farming land”. Even though Andhra and Orisa doing rice farming, But I feel at lest Andhra using advanced machine for agriculture and still Orisa people using old way of farming. Any way time to upgrade.

4.00 PM: Still NH5 under construction in Orisa, So atlest 150+ km will be bad road. I don’t think today I will reach Bhuvaneshwar, I am going slow because of the bad road in Orisa. Because of winter season don’t have much sunlight in evening. Not much sun light after 4.pm itself. After riding in this road, I realized I won’t get any town to find the hotel for night stay.

6.00 PM: I enquired with local police man, he said on they way I can find Orisa Tourisam Hotel at Rambha. Its good news for me. I reached Panthanivas, Rambha, Orisa Tourism Development Corporatoin Ltd hotel at Rambha (its 120km before Bhubaneswar). Its wonderful. Yes its very good hotel with garden & very neatly maintained. I booked one room and took dinner in this hotel itself. After very hard ride today, I stayed in very good hotel. Oooo reason for this hotel in this place ? famous tourist place nearby.

Temple at Orisa

Temple at Orisa

Day 3, 21 Dec 2009, 1548 –2190 km, 643 Km – Rambha(OR) – Bhubaneswar –NH5- Remuna –NH60 – Rupsa – Kolkata(WB) – Barasat(WB)

05.30 AM: Started very early ride again, don’t have good visibility because of fog. Today I am planning to reach Kolcata and stay. Any way today needs ride very less distance.

08.30 AM: I can see lot of road side small hotels for breakfast. Its good & took small idly. I can see every village having one temple with Pond.

12.00 PM: I need to switch to NH60 after remuna, from this place we can see two routs go to Kolkata. NH4 will be the shortest and fastest route. But unfortunate I missed to switch this road because of ongoing construction. But I realised this after 20km I am in longest old road. Good some of the local person guided me to reach NH60 again. NH60 – Its biggest road !! no vehicle no traffic.

02.00 PM: Stopped for lunch in some road side hotel. Good today I took Bengali meal with more fish. Very good lunch today.

4.00 PM: I reached Kolkata & first time I came to this city. Its very high traffic in the evening time. But good thing is, already I got the route detail from Sandeep(He guided me to reach NH34 route in Kolkata) & its really helped me to navigate. I took more and more time to cross the city & looks good.

07.00 PM: I took three hrs to cross Kolkata and reached Barasad. It’s outside of Kolkata and entry point for NH34. I found only one hotel and check-in. It’s not good at all, but no other go.

08.00 PM: I just spending some time in near places, but nothing much to see. I can start seeing more and more cycles. Tomorrow will be my hard ride, already I heard from Sandeep and Praveen.KM about this bad and nasty high way(NH34).

I reached Kolkata

Day 4, 22 Dec 2009, 2191 – 2774 km, 584 km – Kolkata(WB) – NH34 – Krishnanagar – Berhampore – Malda – Dalkola -Kishanganj – Islampur – Bagdogra – Siliguri(WB)

05.00 AM: I really really started very very early today. Because I know that I can’t ride fast in NH34 and will take more time to reach Siliguri. My plan to reach Siliguri at any point, if possible to ride further towards Phuntsholing. Cold and Fog – I really don’t have much visibility using standard bike lights. I have extra two fog light also in my bike, but I realized there is no use of this light other then just decorating the bike. Its really useless.

09.30 AM: I reached morgram and took breakfast.

01.40 PM: I stopped for lunch in some road side lorry hotels. Cycle Cycle Cycle !! All different types of the cycles I can see on this road. Local people using cycle for every purpose. They have cycle for travel, agriculture, selling vegetable, carriage, etc. But I am feeling some time I am riding with cycle, when every any town/village comes. Because, this high way filled by people and cycle at every village/town.

04.00 PM: no sun light. Its really different experience in east part of india.

05.30 PM: I reached Siliguri and decided to stay in this city itself. Already I can see very dark and cold in this time. I found one good hotel(Air View) and checked-in. Today its very slow ride with more traffic, out of this 100 km is very good road near to Siliguri.

07.00 PM: I was discussing with some local person for training availability between Siliguri to Bangalore. So I went to Siliguri railway station to book train ticket in Cycle Rickshaw. I noticed one thing in this town, I am not seen auto in this town & people using only cycle rickshaw to travel. Good to see “Eco Friendly” solution, but should grow soon. Its bad no train ticket available to Bangalore from this place now. I have to go back in flight only.

Riding towards Siliguri - NH34

Riding towards Siliguri - NH34

Day 5, 23 Dec 2009, 2775 – 2947 km, 173 Km – Siliguri(WB) –  Dhupguri – NH31C-Jaigon (Border City) – Phuntsholing

5.00 AM – I am started from siliguri and try to reach Phuntsholing to apply my permit. That’s bad, i am not able to see road at all. Its completely covered by fog. I am riding only at 40km. I have fog light also in my bike, but no use(nothing its showing) of this light. Its single road and filled by lorry nothing more. This high way connecting siliguri with Guwahati, so we can see some lorry traffic also.

I reached Dhupguri & stoped for tea, i have given 10 rs for tea and shop owner return the Bhuton(NU) money as change. That’s good, even in India people using Bhuton money.

08.40AM I reached Phuntsholing and checked in Paradise Palace hotel, its very near to Phuntsholing gate and Immigration office.

Phuntsholin Gate. Bhuton Entrance

Phuntsholin Gate. Bhuton Entrance

09.15 AM I reached Immigration office, filled permit form and submitted. Shocking news is they won’t allow single tourist in bhuton. Immigration officer said they wont give permit for me as per there policy. That’s bad news !! I explaining to him, i came through bike for Bhuton ride, etc. He is not ready to listen at all. He said, he will confirm this after one hr. I went after one hr, again he is telling same story like, he can’t provide permit for me. That’s bad again. Again I was start explaining about my complete ride, etc & finally he agreed to get some permission from his higher official. Good after some time he agree to provide permit only for 7 days. Any way its enough.

12.15 PM I got the permit & reached RSTA(Road safty and Transport Authority) to get permit for my bike. But already there morning working time is over and will reopen after noon from 2.00 Pm to 4.00 pm.

12.30 PM I went some local town ride and visited to near by river. This is twin city where Indian can enter without any permit.

02.00 Pm I reached RSTA and applied for permit and paid Rs.62 for my bike. Its typical government office, same way i have to go to five tables to get sign and pay amount. Any way I got the permit.

07.00 PM just spending some time in local place and came back to room. Today don’t have much ride other then roaming locally.

River at Phuntsholin City

Day 6, 24 Dec 2009, 2948 – 3145 km, 198 Km – Phuntsholing – Thimpu(Bhuton)

06.00 AM started at Phuntsholing to thimpu, it is 175km hilly ride. Initially I thought of it will take only four hrs, but i took 6 hrs to reach Thimpu, Most of the places there is no road and this high way under construction. Its very difficult manages it in single road. But you can see beautiful mountain/valley view in this ride. I keep stopping to click some photos on the way, Worst part of this day is cold .. cold. I am not able manage it morning, its went 5c & no use of my ride gloves. I purchased this winter ride gloves from cramstor store in banglaore, but no use of this gloves. Its very cold in this hilly ride and paining fingers. Near to thimpu i seen one of the beautify river & this high way following this river to reach thimpu.

12.00 PM I reached Thimpu and checked in Hotel Tandin, Norzin lam, Thimpu (ph-975-2-323380). Next my important work will be to extent my visit permit for Ha, Punakha & Wangdue. Yes off course I should get permit for my bike also.

2.00 PM I went to Immigration office and filled form for place extension, it took 1 hr to complete. Its typical government office, it means you need to go to next next tables to get document sign/approval. But this people are very friendly people and help you lot. So no need worry and will get permit.

2.45 PM I went to RTSA(ROAD SAFTY & TRANSPORT AUTHORITY) to extent the place for my bullet also. Its very simple process, they will just write extended places detail and put seal on existing “Route Permit” itself. It took just 5 mins & nothing to pay. Good its very easy.

3.30 PM I went to “DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE” (MINISTRY OF HOME AND CULTURAL AFFAIRS) to get the permission to visit restricted places. We need this permit to enter Inside the Tiger Nest, Tashicho Dzong, etc. I met chief cultural property officer and he filled the form for permission. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to pay anything. I explained about my ride plan, he excited and provided lot of Thimpu tourist places detail. Nice guy.

4.00 PM I reached “NATIONAL MEMORIAL CHOETEN” (Thimpu Monastery), its very simple temple and i can see lot of local people in this temple. I spend some time & its very cold also. So i decided to move out for next place.

5.00 PM I reached “CENTRE OF GOVERMENT & RELIGION” (TASHICHHO DZONG). This place visitor will be allowed only at 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm with special permission (Department of culture). I submitted the document and they asked me the detail about me & i can see some tourist coming with Guide. Good thing they send one of the police Peron with me as Guide. Its nice guy he shown all the places and explained purpose of the building also. I seen one of the beautiful Budhiest temple inside this campus. Its like our parliament in india. You can see King Office and all minsters will come to this place. I spend some time and decided go back to room.

06.30 PM I came back to room for rest. Day went well. Tomorrow I am planning for Parro. So i have collected some information.

08.00 PM Its very small beautiful city in valley and surrounded by mountains. if you ride 15 min, you will cross the city and go out. They have very strict rule to follow national architecture, while constructing any house in this country. So you can see all the building follows there national architecture. Its very beautiful to see. I book the hotel in one of the main place in thimpu, its very easy for me to move around by walk.

Day 7, 25 Dec 2009, 3146 – 3445 km, 300 Km – Thimpu(Bhuton) – Paro – Haa – Thimpu

06.00 AM: started riding to Paro. I have to go back in Phuntsholing route to reach Paro.

07.30 AM: I reached paro, on the way we can see paro air port. Bhuton having only one airport at paro. Even only Bhuton airways will use this airport not open for everybody. This airport having only one runway & designed middle of valley. This runway completely surrounded by mountains.

Paro: Its one more DZONG & well developed city compare with other city in Bhuton. Its very very small city but beautifully designed middle of valley with river. You can see all house architecture will follow the Bhuton heritage standard.

08.00 AM: I reached TIGER NEST MONSTERY, its looking beautiful on the mountain. Yes we can see monstery on rock mountain. But we have to truck and reach this place. At lest it will take 3 hrs to reach top of this mountain & all together 5hrs. I don’t want truck, i don’t think i can truck. I took some photo from this place and decided to move out.



10.30 AM: I reached DRUGGEL DZONG to check out. But this dzong not active, its very old and destryied stated. I decided to move to other place.



11.15 AM: I reached NATIONAL MUSIUM (above the paro dzong). Its very small museum its contain all Bhuton historical things. Yes its nice to see. But very important thing is this museum constructed on mountain. So from this place we can see complete Paro Valley. Its really wonderful view point.

NATIONAL MUSIUM (above the paro dzong)

NATIONAL MUSIUM (above the paro dzong)

Paro Valley

Paro Valley

12.00 PM: I reached PARO DZONG, its contain Buddha temple and some part of this place used for government Dzong administration purpose. I can see more government employees coming to this place. I met one employee (Agriculturalist) & he telling abount agree rules in Bhuton. He said its very difficult to convert farming land to construct any building. Process will be, farmer needs to apply for this and government will send person to inspect the farmer land. He needs to give certificate stating that, this land not useful for farming and this farmer don’t have any other land to construct his house. Even this inspection will happen in two levels to submit verification report. After that government will decide to approve or reject. In India its very easy to construct house in our land. No need to apply also. This agriculturalist said, he visited to Chennai to attend one week of agricultural seminars. He feeling like Chennai is very costly city. Good he is not visited to any other city in India.

Farming Land

12.30 PM: I started riding to HAA VALLEY. There is two way to reach this place. One I can go back to Chhuzom and reach Haa, But its longest safe route. Second one directly we can go from Paro to haa valley & only 65km. today morning I have enquired in local drivers for the road status, they said its good and no ice. So I decided to take this second route which is very short. But start riding in this road its just filled by lot of bends. Actually speaking local people not using this road in the winter season because of the ice & this is the highest motrable road in Bhuton.

I was riding two hrs and may be seen 4 cars, I am not seeing any house or people in this way. But I enjoyed this valley ride with more bend & very good valley view. Bad thing was started, I am start seeing ice. I was riding in 50km and did first skid because of ice. Not much damage happened for bike and me, other then foot rest/break damage. Any way I can fix this using basic tool, So no issue. So I was keep riding in this road again. i found ice filled on the road continuously, So I tired ride very slow on this ice. But again I fell down. Again I bring my bike back and tried to cross this ice, but keep skidding. Because of heavy weight of this bullet, I am not able to get grip to ride very slow also. Finally I decided I cant cross this ice and decided to go back and take other route. Already I was complete my 2 hrs in this route, any way no other go I should go back. Very important point is, I was fell down two different places in this road because of Ice, But I am not seen single person also in this road. “NOW I AM REMEMBERING WHY BHURON IMIGRATION OFFICER REJECTED MY PERMIT with reason of road condition”. I was riding back near one hr and met one Pulsar person and stopped that person. I informed to him to avoid this road because of ICE, but after talking to him I realized he is local person and stay at Haa Valley. I explained to him and I fell down because of ice and he said he will help me to cross the ices. So I decided go with him in the same road. Again I went to same ice place and not riding this type. He helped me to push the bike and cross the ice. Great !! We crossed one ice place, but still we can see this type of long ices in 2 more places also. Any way he helped me to push the bike and cross it.

Paro to Haa Valley

Paro to Haa Valley

2nd Skid on Ice

2nd Skid on Ice

Highest Point on Dantak Road - Altitude 3988 Mtrs

Highest Point on Dantak Road - Altitude 3988 Mtrs

03.30 PM: I reached HAA VALLEY. While riding in this road we can see this Haa valley complete view because any way we are riding on mountain only. This is not that much big city compare with Thimpu and Paro. Its very small place. We can see more Indian Army soldiers in this city and Indian Army building “Haa Dzong” in this place. This Dzong was hand it over to Indian Army to construct.

Haa Vally

Haa Vally

I met four Indian army soldiers in Haa Dzong and they said going back to Thimpu in this time will be difficult and take more time in this route. Any way I can manage to go. So I spend some time in this place and decided to ride back. I am getting very less ride time, even at 4.00 pm I am not able to see sun light. Its going dark soon. This is again complete mountain ride and small road. I should keep it maximum 60km, nothing more then that.

Haa Valley View

07.45 PM: I reached Thimpu hotel. Its really very hard riding day, in my complete ride.

Day 8, 26 Dec 2009, 3446 – 3561 km, 116 Km – Thimpu(Bhuton) – Dochula – Punaka – Thimpu

08.00 AM: Today I planned to spend my time near Thimpu, So i took list and try to reach BHUTON NATIONAL ZOO first. Its very near to Thimpu and build it on mountain. I expected some big zoo, but its very small zoo and only two type of the animals in this. Specially this zoo contain Bhuton national animal(Takin). I decided to check Dochula next.

BHUTON NATIONAL ZOO - Bhuton national animal(Takin)

BHUTON NATIONAL ZOO - Bhuton national animal - Takin

11.30 AM I was riding towards Punaka to reach DOCHULA(KING TEMPLE). We need extra permit to enter in this route. Any way already i got the permit for this place. Again its full of valley and no narrow road at all. This temple on mountain and filled by fog. I feel very cold in this place. I feel, its one of the beautiful Budha temple which I seen in Bhuton. This temple contains collection of buddha small temples also. Its very beautify view from this temple.

12.00 PM I have to still ride this same route to reach PUNAKA TOWN(its one more beautiful Dzong), but i checkd with some of the drivers and some police man. They said this route having ice in some places. So i decided to cancel my Punaka town ride. I dont want skid again.

01.15 PM I am riding back to Punaka and on the way i reached SINTOKHR DZONG, its one more beautiful buddha temple on the mountain. Its again one more beautiful dzong. First time i seen lot of buddhist munk in this temple doing puja. Its wonderful thing to see with very good back ground music. Yes offcourse entering inside this dzong need extra permit from Cultural Department. Any way i have. Its beautiful thing to see, but photos not allowed inside.

03.00 PM I reached TANGO AND CHERI, its opposite direction(25+km) from Thimpu. Its bad again i seen some of the ice on road, any way not much.

TANGO AND CHERI: Tango and Cheri is two separate mountain. This both mountain contain Buddha temples(you can see more munk) and buddhist munk school also. We need to truck and reach this place, yes offcourse we have road to reach this mountain. I met some of the munk, who is share his india experience, he said he went Bihar one time and afraid of everything.

One more monq brother said, his brother doing meditation in this temple for 3 months + 3 weeks + 3 days, after that he will go to buddhiest school.

On they way I was talking with small kids who is playing on the road to get the road direction. This kids always talking with respect and in good English. We can see Bhuddist behaviour from all bhuton lovely people. BUDDHA LIVING IN BHUTON !!

04.00 PM I reached hotel soon today.

Day 9, 27 Dec 2009, 3562 – 3888 km, 327 Km – Thimpu(Bhuton) – Phuntsholing – Siliguri(WB)

06.30 AM I have to say bye to Thimpu and lovely people. I started riding towards Phuntsholing, its very cold(0, 1c) in the morning. Its good thing in the bhuton, you can see the fire in all the police checkpost, generally policeman always keep this fire in near by check post. I have habit of stopping the bike in all the check post for this fire and chatting with police man. Generally this police man have very friendly behaviour and give lot of information also.

Thimpu – Phuntsholing will be 175 km, but it took 5.30 hrs to reach, out of this 50 km no road because of road construction. But you can see very good roads also in some places(they are extending road width). Its complete hilly ride. Any way its my last day to ride in the vally.

you can see the road top of the mountain - Thimpu to Phuntsholing

11.45 AM I reached Phuntsholing and went to same Paradise palace hotel to change my Bhuton(NU) money to Indian currency.

Already my bike break having some issue because of skid, so i planned to fix it in Siliguri today itself. I tried to call Royal enfield service center in Siliguri, thats bad !! today is Sunday !! non of the service centre will work.

4.15 PM I reached Siliguri and checked in same Hotel “AIR VIEW PALACE”, 9 Hill cart road, siliguri-1, Phone-(91-0353) 2528178. Its same hotel & stayed while going to Bhuton. Its decent hotel and located in main place itself.

6.00 PM Roaming in Siliguri streets and most of the shops closed today because of Sunday. I have checked some some of the Bengali sweets in stalls. Its good. Nothing muchi to see in this city & its not much active today because of Sunday. I went back to room.

Day 10, 28 Dec 2009, 3889 – 4016 km, 128 Km – Siliguri(WB) – Sevoke – NH31A – Gangtok(SK)

09.00 AM: I should service my bike before going to Sikim. I found the official Royal Enfield service center very near to hotel itself. I reached at 9.AM itself, but they open the service center at 10.AM. I am not seeing any bullets in north places. Even this official service center will get near 10 bike per day for service. So need to open very early.

11.00 AM: I met some local bullet riders (Harish, hiwan,etc) and they are interested to purchase Cramster bags and riding gears.

01.00 PM: My bike was ready and started riding towards GANGTOK, SIKIM in NH31A. I can able to see lot of people coming back in this road. NH31A high way was closed by Gorkha Jana Mukti Morchas/Gorkha Jana Vidharthi morcha from 12.00 Pm t0 4.00 PM. This is announced strike to get Gorkhaland as a separate state, This will continue every day. Its very surprise for me, yes this road was closed by women (90% of the women). They are stopping all the vehicle including Indian army vehicle and bring College students to show raise there voice. I was talking with this local women leader and one more Student wind leader. Its nice people and telling the same reason, they are not getting any Government job and benefit from West Bengal government, So they want to make Gorkhaland as separate States. One of the student wing leader said, they are fighting for this in last 103 years. I can see same problem and reason in Andhra Pradesh/Telungana also. I met the women leader(hima), she is explain the reason for this separate state. I should thank her, they provided free lunch for me. GooD.

04.00 PM: Road was opened and started riding to Gangtok. Its bad because of four hr road closed, lot of traffic in this single high way. I am sure, I will take more time to reach Gangtok in this hilly road. Initially I am not expected this will be hilly road. Yes its again complete hilly ride in single high way.

08.00 PM: I reached Gangtok. its only 116 km from Siliguri, but I took more time because of traffic and single hilly road. “GANGTOK – ITS BEAUTIFUL & SMALL CITY ON MOUNTAIN”. Once I reached this city, I realized its very difficult to get hotel because of Tour season. I enquired more then three hotel and finally booked one hotel to stay. As usual Indian standard, he started rate from Rs.750 and finally agreed for Rs.600 per night. I can see room rates are very high in this city because of more tourists.

Gangtok City, Sikim

Day 11, 29 Dec 2009, 4017 – 4090 km, 74 Km – Gangtok(SK) – Rumtek – Lingdum – Gangtok(SK)

07.00 AM: today I decided to spend my time within/near Gangtok itself, So that tomorrow I can go out of the city.

08.00 AM: I reached DO RULA CHORTEN. Its very simple Buddha temple, which is inside the city itself.


09.00 AM: I went to FLOWER EXHIBITION CENTER, I expected something big, but is very small building which contain local flowers. So not much to see. In nearby I can see WHITE HALL, but it closed.

09.45 AM: I went to nearby “THE PALACE”, Its Buddhist style palace which contact Bhuddha temple.

10.30 AM: I reached GANESH TOK. As simplest we can see Ganesh temple on the mountain. But we can have very good Gangtok view from this place.

12.15 PM: I reached SHANTHI VIEW POINT, this is next mountain from Gangtok. From this mountain we can see complete Gangtok.

01.15 PM: I reached RUMTEK MONESTORY, its Buddha temple and worth to visit.



02.15 PM: I reached LINGDUM MONESTORY, its Buddha temple and worth to visit. We can see Rumtek and Lingdum monastery in the same road. I was spending more time in this place. I feel, this two monastery looking good compare with all other places.



03.00 PM: I decided to go back to gangtok, on the way I seen very small falls called as “BAN JHAKRI FALLS, RANKA”.

04.00 PM: I reached “ROPE WAY” in gangtok. i took the ticket for two way. Its very small rope way was designed on Gangtok city. We can see very good view from this Rope way.

Gangtok ROPE WAY

Gangtok ROPE WAY

06.00 PM: I reached room.

07.00 PM: tomorrow I planned to go Nathu-La Pass(Sino-India Border) and Tsomgo Lake. These two places must see, if you went to Gangtok. I enquired in hotel for road map to reach this place, but they said we can see lot of ice in this road and currently we can see more snow also. So I decided, I don’t want go in my bike and booked local sharing tourist cab. Its very costly, I need to pay Rs.700 to visit only HarBhajan Singh(Baba Mandir), Nathu-La Pass & Tsomgo Lake in some sharing cab(10 person in one TaTa Sumo). They said they want to pay Rs.250 to government to get permit for each person & Rs.450 for travel.

Day 12, 30 Dec 2009, 4090 – 4090 km, 0 Km – Gangtok(SK) – Nathula Pass – Baba Mandir – Tsongo Lake – Gangtok(SK)

08.00 AM: I went to tax stand at 8.00 itself, but they started at 10.30 only. The reason is one of the couple booked this taxi and this driver waiting for those people. He needs to fill 10 people in this TaTa Sumo. Its bad. We are just waiting long time.

11.00 AM: Now I can see more ice on the way and more Indian Army camp. I feel, I took good decision I am not came in my bike, other wise its very difficult to survey in this ice. Some time this road was closed because of some road block.

On the way to NATHU-LA PASS

On the way to NATHU-LA PASS

12.45 PM: We reached near to NATHU-LA PASS(SINO-INDIA BORDER), But they are not allowed to go inside because we can enter in this pass till 12.00 pm only. We are requested the army people they said, its not safe going In this time and not ready to allow inside. It’s bad I am not able to go inside the pass, I can just able to see.

01.00 PM: We reached HARBHAJAN SINGH(BABA MANDIR) and spend some time.



03.00 PM: We reached Tsomgo Lake. Its one of the beautiful place to see.

Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake

at Tsomgo Lake

at Tsomgo Lake

07.00 PM: We reached Gangtok and I went to MG Road in Gangtok. This is more active place in Gangtok. I did some shopping also.

08.00 PM: Tomorrow I planned ride to Darjeeling. I enquired local person, they said tomorrow again going to close all high way from 10.00 AM for GorkhaLand issue. So I decided to cancel my ride to Darjeeling. I initially planned to ride back to Darjeeling and spend a day and reach Siliguri. Any way its on the way to Siliguri.

Day 13, 31 Dec 2009, 4091 – 4206 km, 116 Km – Gangtok(SK) – Siliguri(WB)

05.00 AM: I need to say bye to Gangtok and started riding to Siliguri. My intention to go early so that I can avoid “Road Close” for Gorkhaland issue. I can see more cars going back to Siliguri in this time to avoid Gorkhaland Bandh. But again same issue, no visibility because of fog in hilly ride.

Teesta River at West Bengal

Bridge on Teesta River (Siliguri to Gangtok - NH31A Highway)

Bridge on Teesta River (Siliguri to Gangtok - NH31A Highway)

08.45 AM: I reached Siliguri and checked in the same hotel “Air View”. Third time I am staying in this hotel. Siliguri look like hub for this region. I need four more days to ride back to Bangalore from this place. Already I decided I need to go back by Train. One of my friends Suresh booked train ticked but its not confirmed. So no other go, I should go back in flight. So I called up GATI service to transport my bike. Its very easy. We need to call GATI service and book it one day advance. So they will come and pick the bike as you mention the address. Its very easy, but they charge more.(Rs.4000 to Bangalore).

05.00 PM: GATI people came and pick my bike. They said they will take 7 days to transport the bike to Bangalore.

Day 14, 01 Jan 2010, 4206 – 4206 km, 0 Km – Bagdogra(WB) – Guwahati – Delhi – Bangalore – In Flight

11.00 AM: I booked air ticket in Indigo (departure at 1.40 PM). Good we have BAGDOGRA AIRPORT near to siliguri. This airport used by Civilian and Army aircraft. Its just 17km from Siliguri main city.

01.40 PM: This flight flies BAGDOGRA -> GUWHATI -> DELHI -> BANGALORE. Two stop.

01.00 PM: I reached home. Its Great !! One more Wonderful Solo Ride !!

12. Tour Preparation Information:

12.1 Where is Bhuton Gate ?

There are only two legal entry points into Bhutan. Paro’s airport and the land border with India at Phuentsholing. A third border crossing from Samdrup Jongkhar in southeastern Bhutan into India’s Assam state, but only for exit.

12.2 Bhuton Language ?

Bhutanese people speak Hindi and English other then there local language. There education system completely based on English only, so local kids also speaks good english. No worry.

12.3 How to reach Bhuton by ROAD ?

JAIGAON in West Bengal is the town on the Bhutan border. Phunsholing is the twin town across the border. Before you go any further, you need to get your permits.

12.4 How to reach Bhuton by Air ?

Paro Airport (PBH) is the country’s sole international airport. It is in the south west of the country and served only by the country’s flag carrier Druk Air.

12.5 Indian Required Visa for Bhuton ?

NO. Indians do not need a passport or visa to enter into Bhutan. You can simply ride into the country or fly and get Permit using any identify card.

12.6 How to get Bhutan Permit(for Indian) ?

You need voter’s id (or) driving licence (or) PAN card (or) your passport + three passport size photos.  Go to Bhuton Immigration office at Phuntsholing at 9:00 Am & will take maximum 30 min to submit the form. After 2 hrs you will get permit.

Permit will be issued only for Thimpu and Paro. Still if you want to go for other places, you have to get permit at Thimpu again for you. It will take 30mins. If you have your own VEHICLE, You should get permit for your vehicle from RSTA for extra places at Thimpu. So you have to get permit for your self and Vehicle at Thimpu for other places.

12.7. How much fees for Permit ?

Rs.0. No fees to pay for Bhuton permit. Even no fees to get permit for all other places from Thimpu Immigration office. To get cultural department permit also free only.

12.8 What is Bhutan time different ?

Bhuton time is 30 minutes ahead of IST

12.9 Bhuton Currency ?

MONEY Ngultrum Nu is the currency of Bhutan. 1 Nu = 1 INR, their currency is pegged to INR. Freely interchangeable, no need to carry Nu. You can very well use Indian Currency at Bhuton. It means you can issue INR/Nu and get Nu/INR back as change.  Even you can see in North part of west Bengal, People will use Nu in India in all shops. Most of the shops in bhuton wont accept INR 500 , 1000 because of facks note. So please carry 100’s.

12.10 ATM Card / Credit Card will work in Bhuton ?

No ATMs at Bhuton. No Debit/Credit card used in Bhuton. You should carry cash. You can find one ATM at Phuntsholing only, Not in Bhuton.

12.11 Can I take my OWN VEHICLE to Bhuton ?

YES. Indian visitors can bring their own vehicle but you will have to get your documents endorsed from Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA). Once you get the permit for yourself, you can go to RSTA (Local people call it as Booking office, its very near to Immigration office) with all Vehicle document and pay permit fees( I paid Rs.62 for bike, Car – it should be less then 300Rs). This office will work till 3.00 PM only.

12.12 Single Tourist Allowed in Bhuton ?

NO, Single tourist not allowed in Bhuton by road. This rule because of unsafe roads in Bhuton. But you can get the permission after explaining valid reason. Some time you may not get permit. So avoid Single tourist. But I got the permit, even single tourist.

12.13 What is that Cultural Department Permit  ?

Its very important, you got the permit only for specified places. But if you go to any Temple/Cultural places they won’t allow you to go inside. It means you have see some places(its not for all, only for restricted places) from outside only. But you can very well get the permit from Cultural Department at Thimpu. So that you can go inside the temples, etc. While getting permit for other places in Thimpu, Just go to Department of Culture office and get Cultural permit for all planned tourist places.  You can find this Cultural office opposite to Unicef office in Thimpu & will take 30min for permit.

12.14 What about Bhuton People and Safety ?

You won’t find any beggars or any crime activity in Bhuton.

You can see lovely people and they will speck with respect.

Bhuton people basically they have helping tendency, So no worry they will guide you at any place. Even you can ask help from small kids and they can guide you. Yes I experienced.

You can really see, Buthur still living at bhuton with lot of love.

Bhuton all the government employees will wear Bhuton national uniform.  You can take any help/input from this people.

Bhuton Government Website ?



13.1 I should THANK following riders, who generally I disturbed lot to get road detail and other thing. Specially Praveen.KM for Bhutan details.

Samaresh Biswal


Sandeep Bagchi

Samba Sengupta

13.2 I should THANK Suresh.R , Who helped me lot to get return ticket and transport my bike.

Bye to Bhuton Ride !!

Bye to Bhuton Ride !!

Udhaya Kumar.V




March 11, 2009

15 Days Ride: Bangalore – Mumbai – Rajasthan – Agra – Gwalior – Bangalore

City Crossed: Bangalore(Karnatka) -> Pune(Maharastra)) -> Navi Mumbai -> Vadodara(Gujarat) -> Ahmadabad -> Mount Abu(Rajasthan) -> Udaipur -> Chittaurgarh -> Jaipur -> Jodhpur -> Jaisalmer -> Bikaner -> Jaipur -> Agra(UP) -> Gwalior(MP) -> Jhansi(UP) -> Sagar(MP) -> Nagpur(Maharastra) -> Hyderabad(Andhra Pradesh) -> Banglaore(Karnatka)

State Crossed: Karnatka -> Maharastra -> Gujarat -> Rajasthan -> Uthra Pradesh -> Madhya Pradesh -> UP -> MP -> Maharastra -> Andhra Pradesh -> Karnatka

Day wise ride distance and route: (Day – Date – Km Started – Km End – Distance – Route)

Day1 -20DEC08- 000-710 -710km- Bangalore(marthalli) – Hubbli(KA) – Karar (100km before pune)

Day2 -21DEC08- 710-1250 -540km- Karar – Pune – Navi Mumbai – Valsad(Gujarat)

Day3 -22DEC08- 1219-1375 -156km- Valsad(GJ) – Valsad sigth seeing – Kheem(30km from surath)

Day4 -23DEC08- 1375-1861 -486km- Kheem – Vodadhra(baroda) – Ahmadabad – Himanthpure(GJ) – Mount Abu(RJ)

Day5 -24DEC08- 1862-2083 -221km- Mount Abu sigtseeing – Udaipur – Udaipur sigtseeing

Day6 -25DEC09- 2083-2445 -362km- Udaipur sigtseeing – Chittorgarh – Kishangarh(100km before Jaipur)

Day7 -26DEC08- 2445-2672 -227km- Kishangarh – Jaipur – Jaipur Sightseeing – Kishangarh

Day8 -27DEC08- 2672-3210 -538km- Kishangarh – Jodhpur – Pokaran – Jaislmer

Day9 -28DEC08- 3210-3268 -58km- Jaislmer sightseeting – Khudi – Jaislmer

Day10 -29DEC08- 3268-3788 -520km- Jaislmer – Bikaner – Sri Dungargarh(before Sikar)

Day11 -30DEC08- 3788-4315 -527km- Dungargarh – Sikar(RJ) – Agra(UP)

Day12 -31DEC08- 4315-4582 -267km- Agra – Taj Mahal – Jhansi(UP)

Day13 -01JAN09- 4582-5045 -463km- Jhansi(UP) – Sagar(MP) – Seoni(MP)

Day14 -02JAN09- 5041-5648 -607km- Seonie(MP) – Nagpur(MH) – Hyderbad(AP)(stopped before 30km)

Day15 -03JAN09- 5648-6292 -644km- Hyderbad(AP) – Bangalore(KA)

Total expense: Rs.19,716 (Rs.7,690 for Food & Stay + Rs.12,026 for Petrol & Oil) + Rs.10,000 Ride material with backup.

Ride participants: Udhaya Kumar.V & Jawahar in Royal Enfield Thunder Bird.

Ride duration with distance: 6292 Km covered in 15 days

Hotel stay:

Maharastra – we can find lot of roadside hotels to stay at night for Rs.200 to 400.

Gujarat – We can find excellent roadside hotels for Rs.200 to 300 itself.

Rajasthan – There is no roadside hotel to stay, so we should find near by town to stay at night. Generally in Rajasthan city hotel rates will start from Rs.700, don’t accept this fixed rate, you can very well reduce the rate based on season.

UP, MP, AP – We can find the hotel only in town to stay at night.

Road status:

Karnatka – Good road

Maharastra – Very good road, But NH7 under construction, So no road at NH7

Gujarat – Excellent road

Rajasthan – Very Good road

Uthra Pradesh – Good road near to Agra, but worst/no road in NH

Madhya Pradesh – worst/no road in NH.

Andhra Pradesh – NH7 under construction, So we can see lot of deviation.

Ride photos from Gujarath – Rajasthan – Agra:

Ride Log:

Day-1, 20DEC09, 04.00 AM, 0Km, started from Marthalli, Bangalore

07.30AM, 163Km, we took breakfast at Javangaonadahalli(Before chitradurga).

01.00PM, 416Km, stopped for lunch at HUBBLI.

07.00PM, 710km, we decided to stop riding and stay at Karar (100km before pune)

Day-2, 21DEC09, 06.30AM, 710Km started our ride towards Pune, Bombay to reach Ahamadabad.

10.00AM, We took breakfast at PUNE.

12.30PM, 963Km, Jawar bike silence bold was broken so we stopped before bombay & check with local mechanic, But he said he cant fix this So we decided to raid towards Gujarath & fix it in valsad Royal Enfield Service Center.

02.45PM, 1034Km, We reached NAVI MUMBAI and riding towards NH8(to reach Ahamadabad)

04.00PM, 1071Km, We entered in NH8 and stopped for lunch, We spend more time to cross Navi Mumbai, We try to find any bypass for this city, but we are not find anything.

09.00PM, 1250, We reached VALSAD(Gujarath) & decided to stay there because we need to fix our bike issue in Royal Enfield Service center. As per our plan we need to reach Ahamadabad, but it not happened.

Day-3, 22DEC08,09.15AM, 1219Km, We went to Service center & handover Jawhar bike to fix the issue, They said it will take full day to fix this issue. Even they don’t have bullet mechanic in this service center & they hired one person for this work.

11.00AM, 1219Km, Visited to Anand & Puriv house in Anand father car. Anand father came to service center and took us. We took very good Gujaraty food at anand house.

Visited to Anand & Puriv house at Valsad

Visited to Anand & Purvi house at Valsad

01.00 PM, 1219km, Visited to Saibaba temple & Aithial Beach (Valsad beach)

02.00PM, 1219Km, Visited to Swamy Narayan Temple at valsad, its near by beach itself & we came back to service center.

Aithial Beach (Valsad beach), Gujarath

Swamy Narayan Temple at valsad

Swamy Narayan Temple at valsad, Gujarath

04.30PM, 1276Km, Jawar bullet was ready to ride, So we started our ride towards Ahmadabad.

07.00PM, 1375Km, We stopped at Kheem, Gujarath(30km from surath) and found one nice road side Lorry hotel(Royal Inn) to stay. We will find very good road side hotels at gujarath just for rs.250 per night.

Day 4, 23DEC08, 06.45AM, 1375Km, Started our ride towards Ahmadabad from Royal Inn.

08.45AM, 1458Km, We stopped for breakfast & we took Bujia(Gujarathi Breakfast).

10.00AM, 1507Km, We reached Vodadhra(Baroda). We have Express High way between Baroda to Ahmadabad, Local people telling its best express high way even comparing with Pune-Mumbai Express High Way. Any bikes not allowed any of the Express high way, So we riding in national high way itself. 105Km needs to go to reach Ahmadabad.

Camel used at Gujarath

Camel used at Gujarath

12.00PM, 1609Km, We reached Ahmadabad & took Ahmadabad bypass(Delhi road) to reach Mount Abu(RJ).

02.00PM, 1700Km, Reached Himanthpure & took deviation from high way to reach this place. We completed our lunch, This is our last day at Gujarath & started to Mount Abu.

05.00PM, 1816Km, Great !! Finally we entered in Rajasthan at Palanpur. Always I realized one thing, if you cross any state at any place non of the police man or check post will stop you !! non of them will stop you at any state border, just keep riding.

05.45PM, 1835Km, We reached Abu road & talking to local people with coffee about mount. You can see Mount Abu from this place & needs to ride through Mount abu road. This is only one mountain in complete RJ, so its famous.

07.00PM, 1861Km, We reached top of the Abu Mount and found one hotel(Swasthik) to stay. You can see small town on this mount & its very cold place at RJ.

Day-5, 24DEC08, 09.00AM, 1862Km, Started from hotel for local sightseeing

09.30AM, 1864Km, We reached NAKKAL LAKE. I feel like standard, you will go to any mountain you can see some lake. Its very small lake top of this mountain & having boating also. Nice to spend your time at this place, you can see lot of tourist at this place.

NAKKAL LAKE, Abu Mount, Rajasthan

NAKKAL LAKE, Abu Mount, Rajasthan

After we reached UNIVERSAL PEACE HALL & attended 20 mins session, which will explain about Goad, Universal, Activity, etc

After we went to DELWAR TEMPLE. Its very small and nice marble temple at this mountain

DELWAR TEMPLE, Abu Mount, Rajasthan

DELWAR TEMPLE, Abu Mount, Rajasthan

We started riding to see GURU SHIKHAR temple. This is placed at highest point of this mountain. We will get very good view from this temple.

Guru Shikhar temple, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Guru Shikhar temple, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

12.45PM, 1898Km, We went to ADHAR DEVI temple & decided to skip this because we need to walk.

01.45PM, 1899Km, We took lunch and started to Udaipur

05.30PM, 2067Km, Reached Udaipur and after searching several hotel we found one hotel for Rs.600. Today we riding in 4Lane road, its nice road but only problem its under construction. They are cutting hunderes of mountain to make this butiful 4 lane road.

07.00PM, Visited to SUKHADI CIRCLE within city itself, Its very small water fountain within city and you can found small boating also. Afte we went to FATEH SAGAR LAKE, we just romaing in the bike and nothing to do much. Yes offcourse this lake also having boating, any way nothing to do at night.

Day6, 25DEC09, 08.45AM, 2083Km, We started to city palace and on the we decided to see JAGADISH TEMPLE.

09.00AM,  2083Km, We reached JAGADISH TEMPLE, its very nice white marbale temple. We spend near 30min in the temple and decide to reach City Palace. Any its very neary by from this temple.

JAGADISH TEMPLE, Udaipur, Rajasthan

JAGADISH TEMPLE, Udaipur, Rajasthan

09.45AM, 2083Km, We reached “THE CITY PALACE” and we spend  more time inside this palace. We have wonderful city view from this palce & back side of this palace we can see PICHOLA LAKE. Even we can see two more palace middle of this Pichola Lake, which was converted as Taj hotels. We seen four palace which was converted as hotels. Nice to see this palace with lake.

The City Palace, Pichola Lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan:

11.30AM 2089Km, Came back to hotel and decide to ride Jaipur,  actually one of the lorry driver recommended to see this CHITTORGARCH Fort. That’s the reason we decided to ride in this route like Chittorgarch and Jaipur, Other wise we will ride to jodhpur & planned to see jaipur while coming back.

01.45PM, 2213Km, We reached CHITTORGARH town and took lunch, from this town we can able to see Chittorgarh fort. We came in excellent NH76 four Lane road, We took 1.30hrs to cross 125km.

03.30 PM, 2223Km, We spend some time at Chittorgarh fort & noting great to see this place other then one tower & old temples. So we started our ride towards JAIPUR.

08.00 PM, 2445Km, We stopped at KISHANGARH for night stay. This will comes 100km before jaipur. Its excellent four lane road between Chittorgarch to Kishangarh. so we hade very nice ride today.

Day-7, 26DEC09, 07.45AM, 2445Km, We started to JAIPUR from KISHANGARH.

09.45AM 2546Km, Reached JAIPUR and found Royal Enfield Service center to fix Jawahar bike issue. They need at lest half day to fix this issue, so we decided to go for local sightseeing in my bullet.

11.00AM, 2562Km, Beautiful pink city & every building looks in pink color only. Unfortunate this city having very badly traffic system & mostly people keep driving without following any rule(no traffic discipline).

We went to AMBER FORT and spend more time in this place, its really beautiful fort & you can see very good view from this mountain. Near by we seen two more fort, but we decide to skip those fort. After that we reached JALMAHAL, its small palace and located middle of water.



We reached CITY PALACE, which is located within JAIPUR city itself. We spend some time inside the palace & watching old things. Nice to see



We came back and reached HAWA MAHAL, its one of the famous Rajasthan identify. Generally I have impression this will be very big MAHAL and holding complete city. But not, Its small one. HAWA MAHAL architecture having several floors, so we can go floor by floor through steps. Wonderful science Implemented using wonderful Architecture. Excellent to see this !! We completed our sightseeing and decided to go back to service center. Now we started to JODHPUR, 335 km needs to go.



04.00PM, 2572Km, We reached service center and Jawahar TB ready now. I have serviced my bullet, it means just changed Engine Oil noting more then this.

05.00 PM        Stopped for lunch at roadside hotel & done.

6.45PM, 2672Km, We stopped at KISHANGARH, where we stayed yesterday & we stayed in the same hotel.

Day8, 27DEC08, 08.15AM, 2672Km, We started our ride to JODHPUR, 240Km needs to go.

09.45AM, 2738Km, We took rajasthani breakfast with sweets.

01.30PM, 2926Km, We reached JODHPUR fort(MEHRANGARH FORT), Excellent architecture top of the mountain. I feel, first time I am seeing more design in fort in Rajasthan. One more Jodhpur palace also in this city, but we decided to skip the palace and ride to JAISLMER.

06.30PM, 3100Km, We reached POKARAN, still 110km needs to go to reach JAISLMER. This is completely two lane road(no divider). We decided to reach jaislmer and stay there itself.

08.30PM, 3210Km, We reached Jaisalmer & Its first very Cold ride in single road at night. Rates are very high in this city to stay because of tourism. Any way no other go.

Day-9, 28DEC09, 10.30AM, 3210Km, Started for sightseeing.

12.45PM, 3212Km, This city called “Golden City” because of all building colors. All the building looks in Golden color only. We reached JAISALMER FORT & we spend some time there & did some shopping near by.



02.15PM, 3216KM, We started to KHUDI Desert.

04.00PM, 3268Km, We went to camel ride in desert & spend remaining time in desert itself. We seen more people waiting to see “Sun Set” from this desert. Nice to see sun set from this place.

07.00PM, We came back to hut where we needs to stay at night. Its near by desert itself.

Day-10, 29DEC09, 08.30AM, 3268Km, Started from Jaislmer to Bikaner.

02.00PM, 3569Km, Stopped for lunch before bikaner, still 85mk needs to go.

04.30PM, 3696Km, We reached Kanni Madha Temple. This temple filled by rate & you can see rate every ware keep moving and eating. Nice to see this temple with lot lot of rates, I have seen one of the discovery programs based on this temple about these rates. We decided to reach Taj Mahal(Agra) through JAIPUR route & started our ride.

Kanni Madha Temple(Rate Temple) at Bikaner

Kanni Madha Temple, Bikaner

Kanni Madha Temple, Bikaner

08.00PM, 3788Km, We stopped at SRI DUNGARGARH(Before Sikar) & found one hotel to stay. Most of the time more problem to get roadside hotel in Rajasthan, there is no roadside hotel, only we need to reach any town to stay.

Day-11, 30DEC08, 08.45AM, 3788Km, We started from DUNGARGARH and riding towards Agra through JAIPUR.

12.00PM, 3999Km, We crossed SIKAR and stopped for lunch, Still 300km needs to go to reach Agra. We found Jawahar bike had some oil leakage in engine tube, We decided to stop at jaipur to fix this.

01.45PM, 4062Km, We reached same Royal Enfield Service center to fix oil leakage issue & fixed at free of cost.

02.45PM, 4062Km, We started our ride to Agra, Still 220km needs to go.

05.00PM, We are not able to see the road properly because of complete fog from 4.00pm itself

08.00PM, 4315Km, We reached Agra & Checked in hotel. Today we had very bad ride because of bad weather(Complete fog, not able to see road) & bad road.

Day-12, 31DEC08, 08.30AM, 4315Km, We reached Taj Mahal & filled by fog. First time we took paid guide to see this place in our complete tour.

Taj Mahal, Agra, UP

Taj Mahal, Agra, UP

11.30AM, 4327Km, We completed our Tour & Needs come back to Bangalore now. Initially we planned to go to Delhi from there we will reach bangalore in Train, but we are not able to get train ticket. So we decided to ride back to bangalore.

07.00PM, 4582Km, Stopped at JHANSI(UP) and found hotel to stay. This hotel was decorated and ready for New Year celebration. But today we had very worst ride because of worst road so we are not in New Year celebration mood. We took good dinner & went for sleep.

Day13, 01JAN09, 08.00PM, 4582Km, We started our ride towards Nagpur, MH.

Narmada River, MP

Narmada River, MP

01.00PM, 4799Km, We stopped before Sagar(MP) for lunch.

07.30PM, 5045Km, We stopped at SEONI(MP) for night stay. Very bad road at UP & MP in this National High way.

Day14, 02JAN09, 07.30AM, 5041Km, Started from SEONIE(MP) to HYDERABAD(AP).

09.45AM, 5188Km, We reached NAGPUR(MH) and took breakfast.

Near Nagpur, MH

Near Nagpur, MH

08.00PM, 5648Km, Reached Hyderbad(Sopped before 30km) & find hotel to stay. NH7 under construction, So no road or bad road at Maharashtra.

ISKON temple at AP

ISKON temple at AP

Day15, 03JAN09, 07.00AM, 5648Km, Started to Bangalore.

08.00PM, 6292Km, Reached Bangalore.

My Bul :-)

My Bul 🙂

Udhaya Kumar.V


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August 11, 2008

Bangalore to Lepaksh, AP Motorbike Ride

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 Ride Photos: 09/Aug/2008, Bangalore, KA to Lepaksh, AP ride.

Visited Places: Nandi Bull  & Veerabhadra Temple at Lepaksh, Penukonda Fort.

Ride Participants: Udhaya Kumar.V & Praveen.X.G.P in one Thunder Bird.

Road Map: Bangalore(Marathalli) 0Km – Hebbal –NH7–> Yelenkha –> Devanahalli-> Chikabalapur (69km)->Bagephalli-> AP checkpost(122 Km)-> Take left to Lepakshi(140 Km).

Road Status: Good Road, under road construction so we can see lot of deviations.

Total km: 122 KM one way, 365 km round trip.

Duration/Date Time: One day ride note more then that. I started on 09/Aug/08 6.30 AM & Came back same day at 4.00 PM

Petrol Bunk: you can find High way petrol bunks.

Food: you can find good hotels at Chikabalapur, after that you wont find any hotels other then small shops. But you can find one road side dhaba.

About Visited Places:

Nandi Bull: The huge statue of Nandi Bull made of single granite stone is one of the main attraction of Lepakshi.

Veerabhadra Temple: One of the best example of Vijayanagar style of architecture, Veerabhadra Temple is bewitching in its architectural beauty. The magnificent temple complex portrays the historical and architectural excellence in its best colour.
Pillared Hall: The pillared hall of every temple complex of Lepakshi is object to watch pointedly. Famous for its painting on its ceiling, pillared halls of temple complex are treat for heritage loving tourists.

09/Aug/2008 06.30 AM: After long time I went for one warm-up ride, we started very yearly and keep riding in NH7 and no traffic. We completed breakfast after begaphalli in one of the road side Sagar hotel. We started ride and reached AP Checkpost in high way itself. You wont find any Name board at this place. You can see some small shops and some more truck. We took left from high way and riding 18 km to reachlepakshi, first we can see nandi at right side when you reach leapaksh. Still if you ride in the same road, you can see one arch in left side, its entrance for this temple. We reached lepaksh at 9.30 AM. Its very old and Vijayanagar style temple, we can visit one time.

09/Aug/2008 11.00 AM: We decided to go Penukonda Fort. So we came back to high way(NH7) and took left(towards hyderabad). We traveled 38 km and reached Penukonda. We spend more time to fine this port, even local people never heard about this fort. Finally we reached Penukonda Fort, But nothing to see. Its absolutely waste of time. We took lunch at Penukond itself. Its very small town, so we can find lot of hotels and sops.

09/Aug/2008 01.00 PM: We started our return journey to Bangalore. After spending some time in road side hotel, we reached Bangalore at 04.00 PM.

Good one day ride, no expense other then petrol.

By Udhaya Kumar.V

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