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August 19, 2008

Bangalore to Pondicherry Ride

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16, 17/Aug/2008,
Bangalore to Pondicherry.

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Ride Participants:  Thunder Bird – Kartik Ayyar + Pillion (Chandan), Thunder Bird – Udhaya Kumar.V, Thunder Bird –  Balaji + Pillion (Ragavandira), Bajaj Pulsur – Sachin Jambhulkar.

Road Map: Bangalore(Marathalli) 0Km – Silkboard–NH7–> Krishnagiri –NH660–> Thiruvannamalai–> Gingee–>Tindivanam –> Puducheri(330Km)

Road Status: NH7 – Very Good Road, NH66 – Good road and Very good ride experience with lot of curve.

Total Km: 330 KM one way, 696 km round trip.

Visited Places: Auroville Beach, Stone Beach, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Manakkula Vinayakar Temple, Sacred Heart Church.

Duration/Date Time: Two day ride. I started on 16/Aug/08 7.00 AM & came back on 17/Aug/08 7.00 PM.

Petrol Bunk: you can find High way petrol bunks.

Food: You can find good hotels at Thiruvannamalai, Gingee, Tindivanam.

About Place & Ride:

16/Aug/08 7.00 AM: we started from Bangalore and reached PY at 1.00 PM, after we reached we realized getting rooms is more difficult because of the week end, we browsed most of the hotels and finally we get into the room at 4.00PM. in the mean time we finished lunch also.

16/Aug/08 5.30 PM:  We went to Auroville beach and spend very good time, after we came back to stone Beach inside the city itself. We spend some hours in this beach, but I can see lot lot of people in this beach because of the week end. After  that we came back to room after completion of dinner.

17/Aug/08 8.00 AM: started from hotel and visited to Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Manakkula Vinayakar Temple, Sacred Heart Church and came back to room at 11.15 AM.

17/Aug/08 12.00 PM: We started our ride back to Bangalore & took lunch at Thiruvannamalai.

17/Aug/08 07.00 PM: Reached my home at Bangalore.

Not much place to see in Pondicherry, But its really GREAT experience riding in NH66.

Udhaya Kumar.V

August 11, 2008

Bangalore to Lepaksh, AP Motorbike Ride

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 Ride Photos: 09/Aug/2008, Bangalore, KA to Lepaksh, AP ride.

Visited Places: Nandi Bull  & Veerabhadra Temple at Lepaksh, Penukonda Fort.

Ride Participants: Udhaya Kumar.V & Praveen.X.G.P in one Thunder Bird.

Road Map: Bangalore(Marathalli) 0Km – Hebbal –NH7–> Yelenkha –> Devanahalli-> Chikabalapur (69km)->Bagephalli-> AP checkpost(122 Km)-> Take left to Lepakshi(140 Km).

Road Status: Good Road, under road construction so we can see lot of deviations.

Total km: 122 KM one way, 365 km round trip.

Duration/Date Time: One day ride note more then that. I started on 09/Aug/08 6.30 AM & Came back same day at 4.00 PM

Petrol Bunk: you can find High way petrol bunks.

Food: you can find good hotels at Chikabalapur, after that you wont find any hotels other then small shops. But you can find one road side dhaba.

About Visited Places:

Nandi Bull: The huge statue of Nandi Bull made of single granite stone is one of the main attraction of Lepakshi.

Veerabhadra Temple: One of the best example of Vijayanagar style of architecture, Veerabhadra Temple is bewitching in its architectural beauty. The magnificent temple complex portrays the historical and architectural excellence in its best colour.
Pillared Hall: The pillared hall of every temple complex of Lepakshi is object to watch pointedly. Famous for its painting on its ceiling, pillared halls of temple complex are treat for heritage loving tourists.

09/Aug/2008 06.30 AM: After long time I went for one warm-up ride, we started very yearly and keep riding in NH7 and no traffic. We completed breakfast after begaphalli in one of the road side Sagar hotel. We started ride and reached AP Checkpost in high way itself. You wont find any Name board at this place. You can see some small shops and some more truck. We took left from high way and riding 18 km to reachlepakshi, first we can see nandi at right side when you reach leapaksh. Still if you ride in the same road, you can see one arch in left side, its entrance for this temple. We reached lepaksh at 9.30 AM. Its very old and Vijayanagar style temple, we can visit one time.

09/Aug/2008 11.00 AM: We decided to go Penukonda Fort. So we came back to high way(NH7) and took left(towards hyderabad). We traveled 38 km and reached Penukonda. We spend more time to fine this port, even local people never heard about this fort. Finally we reached Penukonda Fort, But nothing to see. Its absolutely waste of time. We took lunch at Penukond itself. Its very small town, so we can find lot of hotels and sops.

09/Aug/2008 01.00 PM: We started our return journey to Bangalore. After spending some time in road side hotel, we reached Bangalore at 04.00 PM.

Good one day ride, no expense other then petrol.

By Udhaya Kumar.V

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