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June 15, 2007

Weekend trip to Virgina Beach, VA, USA

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Virgina Beach, VA, USA


We(myself, alok and sandeep) went to Virginia beach on Saturday(02-JUN-07), its 4hours drive from Reston, VA.

It’s small and cleaned beach. Nothing exciting, good place to time pass for one day. We can see several restaurants near the beach. Nice place to take dinner near to beach.


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June 11, 2007

Visited to Philadelphia, PA

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08, 09/Jun/2007
Philadelphia, PA, USA


This week end I went to Philadelphia, PA to meet one of my friend Vijay and his wife Jeeva. My friend came to Reston, VA to pickup on Friday evening and dropped me on Saturday night, yes its nice travel because he did pickup and drop. Last I met my friend in Chennai, India on jun/2004. Even we are regularly talking and mailing in fast world we took near three years to meet   He is one of the visionary person I seen in my life “Dream a Dream” … Hope his dream will come to reality soon. Yes full day we are talking talking and roaming in Philadelphia Downtown. Its really enjoyable day. One more great day!!!

On Saturday(09/Jun/2007), Vijay, Jeeva and myself visited to some good Museum in Philadelphia, PA. This is very small, clean and good city. Its not highly crowded city, even we can see some tourist also in this city. Place to see in this city is Liberty Bell, Cit Hall, Zoo, Museums.

We visited to following Places(Museum) in this city. One of the beautiful museum is “Philadelphia Museum of Art”

  • Pennsylvania Academy of The Arts
  • RODIN Museum
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art

Pennsylvania Academy of The Arts: Its very small and beautiful art museum

RODIN Museum: This is very small sculpture museum, The great French sculptor Auguste Rodin(1840 – 1917) brought monumental public sculpture into the twentieth century and established a new sculptural freedom that continue to haunt our imagination. By the time of his death in 1926, Mastbaum had brought together the greatest rodin collection outside of paris. He had also commissioned the two great French neoclassical architects workingin Philadelphia. The Museum, which opend to the public in 1929, houses approximately 128 sculptures, including bronze cast of the artists greatest work The Thinker Perhaps the most famous sculpture in the world.

Philadelphia Museum of Art: Founded in 1876, is unique among American museums in its integrated presentation of a full range of fine and applied arts from Asia, Europe and the United Stages. Spanning over 2000 years the collection include masterpieces of painting sculpture, prints and drawing displayed with a wide range of furniture, silver, glasswork, architectural elements and entire furnished rooms from historic houses.

CITY Hall:

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June 3, 2007

Great Falls in Virginia, USA

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Great Falls, Virginia, USA


Today we(myself, alok and sandeep) visited to Great Falls in Virginia itself, its 10mil from my home. It’s really very big river and its running between Virginia and Maryland states. Good place to spend one day.

Great Falls:  Potomac River builds up speed and force as it falls over a series of steep, jagged rocks and flows through a narrow gorge. Potowmack company was organized in 1784 to construct a series of five canals to make the river navigable george Washington preside over the effort. Currently Washington DC get drinking water from this river.

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