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January 29, 2007

Madurai Meenakshi Temple, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Madurai Meenakshi Temple, Tamil Nadu, India.

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While coming back from Kanyakumari – Nagarcoil We visited Madurai Meenakshi Temple. I am visiting second time to this temple, we can see any number of time this Indian Architecture Wonder !!! It’s really Amazing Architecture !!! Even we can’t think to implement now. We took 4 hours to see this complete temple, Yes of course we can spend full time also in this temple.

From India Madurai Meenakshi Temple & Taj Mahal nominated for World 7 Wonders.

This temple having FOUR TOWERs in four side of entrance. It’s having inner layer with 6 towers. In side your see Thousand Pillars Mandapam, temple for different god, water, etc


 One of the Greatest Architecture we can see in Tamil Nadu throw this Temple. Amazing thing is temple was built in 6th century BC.



Meenakshi Temple: The ancient city of Madurai, more than 2,500 years old, was built by the Pandyan king, Kulashekarar, in the 6th century BC. But the reign of the Nayaks marks the golden period of Madurai when art, architecture and learning flourished expansively.




 -Udhaya Kumar.V , udhaya@udhaya.com

January 28, 2007

Tirparappu Water Falls, Pachipparai Dam, ThottiPalam in Kanyakumari District, TN, India.

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Tirparappu Water Falls, Pachipparai Dam, ThottiPalam  in Kanyakumari District, TN, India.
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While coming back from Kanyakumari We visited some of the good tourist place near Nagarcoil. We can spend one full day to see following good place near by Nagarcoil.

We took auto to visit this places from Nagarcoil bus stand, All this within 40 km from ngarcoil.

1.Tirparappu Water Falls: This is small and beautiful water falls. We can easily enter in the water & safe place also. Currently not rainy season in this place, So not much water in falls. We spend near 3 hours in this place.



2.Pechiparai Dam: The European Engineer Mr. Minchin constructed Pechiparai Dam during the period 1897-1906.  This   was built across Kodayar River about a mile below the confluence of the tributaries Kallar,  Sittar and Kuttiyar at Pechiparai a place 11 Km.  North of Kulasekaram and is 45 K.M. from Nagercoil.



3.Thotti Palam in Mathoor: it’s tamil word, it means Tank Bridge. Pechaiparai Dam water used for agricultura purpose and it’s reaching near 95 km around the dam. One of the places water is crossing TWO MOUINTAINS throw this bridge. Length of this bridge is 384 Mt [1240 Feet].



-Udhaya Kumar.V, udhaya@udhaya.com

January 27, 2007

Kanyakumari Tour (Vivekananda Memorial & Thiruvalluvar Statue)

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Kanyakumari ( Vivekananda Memorial & Thiruvalluvar Statue), TN, INDIA.


I went 4 days south tamil nadu tour throw government bus with my friends Sarunan, Manigandan, Prinso, Gopi. It’s really challenging traveling in govement bus for 4 days !!! I went to Kanniyakumari from bangalore (Bangalore – Salam – Madurai – Nagarcoil – Kanyakumari). I took near 20 hrs to reach this place.
We reached Kanyakumari and stayed in Vivekananda Asaramam itself, Rooms is very very cheap and good also. just 50 Rs per day. If you stay in this place, easily we can go and see the sunrise in morning.

Visited place in Kanyakumari:
1. Sun Rise & Sun Set: We went morning to see sun rise, But unfortunately because of the bad weather we are not able to see the Sun Rise.
2. Vivekananda Memorial in Kanyakumari: Swami Vivekananda came here in 1892. The memorial has been built on the Vivekananda Rock in 1970.



3.Thiruvalluvar Statue:

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Karunanidhi conceived the idea of installation of the statue of THIRUVALLUVAR in 1975, commenced the work in 1989 and on completion of the work in 1999, declared open the THIRUVALLUVAR STATUE on January 1, 2000, AD



THIRUVALLUVAR: The staue is an embodiment of the essence of Tamil Classic “Thirukkural” authored by saint Thiruvalluar born in 31 B.C, Thirukkural is a precious gem among the classics, Unique in the deliverance of code of conduct to the mankind to follow for all times. This classical work written in Tamil, has been translated in over 60 languages of the world. The statue is located at the confluence of the triseas and it depicts the great tenets of the Thirukkural namely virue, Wealth and love.
The imposing 133 feet high status was erected on a minor rock under guidance and supervision of the Dr.V.Ganapathy sthapathi, 500 Sculptors and technicians involved to complete this project.

The status stands 95 feet tall on the pedestal of 38 feet height, the whole statue depicts the essence of great work of the poet “Thiruvalluvar” Titled “Thirukkural”. The height of the pedestal symbolizes the first 38 chapter referring to virtue and height of 95 feet status symbolizes the rest of 95 chapters referring to wealsth and live. Around the beedam of the statue there is a “Artha andapam” constructed with 10 elephants representing the 10 direction of the universe. The granites, for the statue were prodcured from three quarries of Tamilnadu state, viz., one at ambasamudaram of Tirunelveli District and other two from Siruthamoor and Pattumalai kuppam of kaceepuram Distric. The scaffolding heightened upto 150 feet during the construction. In this scaffolding work on steel

-Udhaya Kumar.V, udhaya@udhaya.com

January 20, 2007

Bike Trip to Somanathapura, Talakadu in Karnataka.

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Somanathapura, Talakadu in Karnataka, India.

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Today I have visited to Somanathapura, Talakadu through my bike (Hero Honda splender). It’s excellent ride.

I started morning 8.30 AM from Marathalli through Bangalore-Mysore high way. This is very good road. From T.B.Circle(80KM from Bangalore, After Maddur Village) we need to take diversion(Take Left) It lead you in NH-209 road. After 23 Km travel in this road I reached Mallavalli Town, Now I took right diversion from this road(it’s mostly mud road ) and traveled 33 Km reached Somanathapura Village.

At 11.40am I reached Somanathapura after travel of 150Km from Marathall(from Bangalore 135km). (it’s having one more straight root also for this place, goto mysore(140KM) + mysore to somanathapura(40Km), Totally 180 Km)


dsc00900.jpgdsc00903.jpgdsc00904.jpg dsc00905.jpgdsc00907.jpgdsc00910.jpgdsc00916.jpgdsc00921.jpgdsc00927.jpgdsc00940.jpgdsc00936.jpgdsc00942.jpg

dsc00930.jpg dsc00931.jpgdsc00928.jpgdsc00934.jpg

It’s really excellent architecture, every one needs to see one time, I spend one hour in this place.

About KESAVA TEMPLE: The Construction of this temple was caused by somanatha. A high officer under HOYSALA King Narasimha III(1254-1291 A.D) It is a splendid example of the hoysala style of architecture, it stand on a raised platform in the center of a spacious enclosure having sixtyfour cells. This three celled(Trikutachala) Structure consists of three garbha Grihas. Three antaralas and navarang. It has a mahadwra standing on the east. The images of venugopala, kesava and Janardhana are installed in the cells which are surmounted by elegantly carved sikharas.

Talakadu: Still in the same road I traveled 27Km and reached Talakadu, Mostly this is mud road only. It’s all agricultural places.

2.00 PM, I reached talakadu, It’s really good place and surrounded by temple temple temple… It is on the banks of the Cauvery River …We can spend one full day also in Cauvery river but I spend 1 and half hour in this place .. I seen TWO things in this place

1.Cauvery River: it’s having boting also, I seen lot of tourist in this place



Keerthi Narayanan

2. Keerthi Narayanan

Keerthi Narayanan





Oooo !!! I came back to home …. I finished 321Km ride today !!! it’s really good trip.

If you travel in car, even we can plan for Somanathapura, Talakadu and Shivana Samudram in one day itself. All near only.

-Udhaya Kumar.V , email: udhaya@udhaya.com

January 7, 2007

Ramohalli, Bangalore, 400 year old Banyan Tree

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Ramohalli, 400 year old Banyan Tree, Bangalore, KA

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One more Sunday … Today I went to Ramohalli(picnic spot) to see 400 year old Banyan Tree through my Hero Honda(two wheeler) with my friend Ravi Kumar.G. This tree spreads over an area of 3 acres.

I started from Marathalli, Bangalore at 10.45 AM and traveled through Mysore Road. In mysore road we need to take diversion (Right) next to Raja Rajeswari Dental College and Hospital (it will come next to Kangari. This place will come 32 Km from Marathalli and 18 Km from Mysore Road, Bangalore)

This is absolutely mud road only, We need to travel 7 Km from this place then we will reach Banyan tree. 39 Km from Marathalli, 25Km from mysore road. We spend 30 mins in this place …. Nothing exciting !!! nothing Great !!! I have seen one more Tree  



In the same road, still we traveled 10 Km and reached MunjanBall Dam(Kaveri water), this is very small dam and used for drinking water, Agriculture. We can’t enter in the water, it’s prohibited area. We started our return journey from this place.



While coming back we went to Sri Brihath Mukthi Naga Temple, it’s very small Naga Temple.


Visited Place, from mysore road.

  1. Sri Brihath Mukthi Naga Temple ( 5 th Km)
  2. Banyan Tree ( 7 th Km )
  3. MunjanBall Dam (17 th Km)

We took lunch in Mysore road and reached home at 4.00 PM itself. Nothing exciting … Nothing Great … Nothing Bad …. Just one more picnic spot near Bangalore. So Sunday ends now …. One more Monday waiting for me ….
-Udhaya Kumar.V

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