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December 27, 2006

Visited to Shivana Samudram, KA

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Shivana Samudram, Karnataka
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Today is Christmas. I don’t have any work to do, so just I went to Shivana Samudram through my bike (Hero Honda splender). It’s really interesting ride.

I started morning 8.30 AM from Marathalli through Bangalore-Mysore high way. This is very good road. From T.B.Circle(80KM from Bangalore, After Madhur Village) we need to take diversion(Take Left) It lead you in NH-209 road. This is not good road. Still we need to travel 40 more km to reach Shivana Samudram (Totally 120km from Bangalore).


At 11.30 AM I reached GAGANA CHUKKI falls(Next side of Dam) after traveled 146 km from my house. This is very beautiful falls but not much water, because it’s not season now. We can’t go near to this falls.


Still I traveled 2 more KM from this place, I reach BHARA CHUKKU falls. It’s very beautiful falls, one good thing is we can go to near water also. It’s good place to play in water also. I spend more time in this place. While coming back I took lunch in some small hotel.



Afternoon I started from this place and returning back and reached GAGANA CHUKKI fall (view from ShivanaSamudram Bluff, It’s called Shiva Hydro Electric Project Dam). This is same falls only, But it’s another side of view. We can see more tourist in this place, because most of the people will see this place and they will return.


Place TO See:
GAGANA CHUKKI falls (view from ShivanaSamudram Bluff- Dam)
GAGANA CHUKKI falls(Next side of Dam)

from this place, Still if we travel 30 more KM towards north, We will reach THALAI KADU, But I am not went to this place, I heard there is no much water now.

Now I started my return journey from GAGANA CHUKKI falls & reached Bangalore at 6.00 PM. Today I have traveled 315km(up and down) in my bike. it’s really worth to spend one day to see this place.

-Udhaya Kumar.V

December 26, 2006

Allepey and Munnar in Kerala

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27,28,29-Feb-2004, 1-Mar-2004, Allepey and Munnar in Kerala.
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i Went to Kerela Tour for three days with my friends, its really enjoyable and excellent ……. we went to Allepey and Munnar. This super team members is Arun Theeban, Seetharaman, Udhaya Kumar, Ganesh(Object), Parthiban, Natana Sababathy, Prem Kumar and Kumarasamy

8:05 P.M Start Train Journey – Train to Allepey
11:05 A.M Train Journey over
11:45 A.M Check In – Gowri Residence, Take Rest & dressed up
1:20 P.M Go for Lunch
2:15 P.M Back from Lunch



3:00 P.M Start boating at Back Waters of Allepey – Boat Name (Kudilil Chiragil)
3:45 P.M Drinks time (Theenangal)
4:15 P.M. Back on Boat
6:10 P.M. Finish Boating

6:15 P.M. Waiting for Ganesh, Tea Break, Enquiry to Munaar
6:35 P.M Start for Beach
6:55 P.M. Reach Beach
8:15 P.M. Dinner
9:00 P.M. Back to Residence
7:00 A.M. Reach Bus stand to travel to Munaar
7:20 A.M. Start Travel
8:10 A.M. Reach Chenganacherry, had break fast
8:35 A.M. Start journey again towards
1:00 P.M. Lunch Break
1:30 P.M. Start journey again towards
2:35 P.M Reach Munaar
3:15 P.M. Check In Room
4:00 P.M. Sight seeing start in VAN

4:30 P.M. Madapatty Dam
5:00 P.M Madapatty Dam Over
5:30 P.M Echo Point
7:00 P.M Echo Point Over

7:30 P.M. Shopping
8:00 P.M. Dinner, Drinks
7:50 A.M. Start Site seeing again in VAN
8:00 A.M. Break Fast
8:25 A.M. Again start going in VAN
9:00 A.M. Raja malai, waited and was NOT able to see
10:00 A.M. Arrive at Neimakkadi Falls – One of Udhaya’s the finger in his legs got Cut
11:00 A.M. Start site seeing again again in VAN
12:00 P.M. Arrive at Kakkam Falls
1:10 P.M. Again start going in VAN
1:30 P.M. Lunch & Drinks
4:00 P.M. Arrive at Jungle
4:15 P.M. Trekking to Tower for Animals view
6:30 P.M. Start Going to Udumalpet
7:00 P.M. Reach Udumalpet

7:15 P.M Start to Palani
8:15 P.M. Reach Palani
8:20 P.M. Start to Dindigul
9:20 P.M. Reach Dindigul , finish dinner
12:00 A.M. Start to Chennai from Dindigul.

December 24, 2006

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore

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Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore



I have visited to Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Kasturba Road, Bangalore to spend my Sunday. It’s really interesting scientific museum.


Museum having four floors and 8 categories of scientific physical model(Lab) available. They are explaining every technology, theory, formulas, etc explained using real models. It will be very useful for students to understand science in very easy manner.

I remember some of the major category in the museum like Physics, Computer, Bio Technologie, Space Science, Electronics, Nano Technologie, etc

Hope i killed my sunday in useful manner !!!

Udhaya Kumar.V

Government Museum and Art Gallery, Bangalore

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Government Museum and Art Gallery, Bangalore


This is very small museum and having art gallery also. This art gallery named as VENKATAPPA ART GALLERY. Most of the museum collection collected from different district of Karnataka Itself.

Art gallery has different type of the art. I am not found any interesting things hear. Maximum we can spend 1 hour in this museum.

dsc00731.JPG dsc00733.JPG

To kill my Sunday …. 🙂 🙂
Udhaya Kumar.V

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore.

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Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore


Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is Sky Theater available in Sri T.Chowdaiah Road, High Road, High Grounds, Bangalore – 560 001.

This is One hour show and explains about Planets, Albert Einstein contribution to Science, etc. (same setup already available in Channai also) Yes of course this movie may vary based on the season.

This is very good time pass for 2 hours in useful manner. This is not only for kids, any one can go to this theater to understand basic concept of Planets.

I got the Shows Time as follows, it may change in future.
General Time:
Kanada 3.00 pm, English 4.30 pm
Additional Shows on Sunday
Kannada 11.30 am , English 12.45 pm,

Monday & Second Tuesday holidays.

For special shows, Sky Theater can be booked for a show of your choice for 10.30 am, 11.30 am, 12.30 pm.

You can get some useful info from Web Site http://www.taralaya.org

Udhaya Kumar.V


December 22, 2006

Chickmagalur Tour

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Chickmagalur, Karnataka, India.
Tour Photo

CHICKMANGALUR(Kemmanagundi Hills, Rajbhavan, Shanthi Falls, Z-Point, Hebbe Falls, Baba Buden temple)

We(Udhay Kumar.V, Suman, Rajesh.U, Sandeep) went to Chickmagalur district for 2 days tour through TATA inca Car.

Chickmangalur distric is 190 kms from Bangalore city, 55 Kms north from Chickmagalur town is Kemmanagundi(also known as KR hills) hill station on the Baba Budan range of hills. Kemmanagundi at a height of 1,434 meters, is surrounded by forests, falls.

9-Dec-2006, 7.00 AM We started from Bangalore, Richman road through TATA indica car.

12.30 PM we reached YAGACHI DAM, this is in Chickmangalur route only. it’s very small dam. We spend 45 min in this place, took some phots and had tea, Once again we started our journey.


dsc00361.JPG dsc00364.JPGdsc00374.JPGdsc00375.JPG

2.00 PM we reached Cickmangalur city and had lunch. After that Our viechle had puncher so we spend two hours to fix this issue and we started.

5.00 PM we reached chikkmangalore the tallest and beautiful place. It’s very cool and nice place. We booked 2 rooms from government cottage. It’s cost of 600 rs for one day. It’s very reasonable rooms only.

dsc00399.JPG dsc00407.JPGdsc00418.JPGdsc00419.JPGdsc00424.JPGdsc00427.JPG

6.00 PM we went to RAJBHAVAN. It’s view point and having very small park also. We can able to see one part of complete Kemmanagundi hills.


7.00 PM we came back to hotel. It’s only one hotel available in this place. It’s reasonable hotel only.

8.30 PM went to room and chat within group.

10-Dec-2006, 9.00 AM started from room (checked out)

9.30 AM we reached SHANTHI FALLS. It’s very small falls in the way of Z-POINT. We started the TREK from hear only.


10.15 AM we reached highest point(Z-Point) through very small path. It’s really peek point of Kemmanangundi. We took rest and photos on the mountain. After we started to come down from this mountain.


10.50 AM we came back to Shanthi Falls.

11.00 AM we took one JEEP to reach HEBBE FALLS(10 km from Kemmanangundi), because our cars own’t go to this place. We paied rs.600 for up and down. this is very good travel because there is no road at all. It’s kind of trekking way. Only jeep can go to this place.


12.15 PM we are reached near to HEBBE falls. Heare after jeep own’t go. After we need to travel in very small path(way to estate). After 15 mins of journey we reached Hebby falls. It’s very long water falls and Cool place, even we can spend full day also.


1.45 PM we started from Hebbe falls and reached Kemmanangundi to take our luch. After lunch we started journey towards BABA BUDEN Temple.

5.40 PM we reached SWAMY DARGA GURU DATATHEYA BABA BUDEN temple. It’s 34 kims from kemmanangundi, this same way you can reach Cickmangalur city.

After this temple, still we traveled 3 kim and reached MANIKKA THARAI(small water fall).

7.00 PM we started return journey from BABA BUDEN to chickmangalur city. We took dinner in chickmangaular and started the journey.


11-Dec-2006 2.00 AM we reached Bangalore.

10.30 AM, I reached office to start my office work.

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