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August 27, 2006

Gingee fort in Tamil Nadu, India.

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Gingee fort in Tamil Nadu, India.
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I have visited to Gingee to attend one of my friend Senthil Kumar.P marriage, I heard several time about this fort but I never went to this place, So we planned to visit this place while going to marriage. myself and Ravi Kumar.G visited to this fort, it’s really good, we took near 5 hours to see this complete place.

About: Gingee also pronounced,as “Shingee” is 37-km east of Thiruvannamalai. Gingee is famous for a fort complex dating back to 13th century,located on the 3 different hill summit covering 3-km boundary area. The Chola Dynasty built Gingee fort. The indomitable courage and valour of its erstwhile rulers made Father Pinments,a priest to call the Gingee Fort the “Troy of the East”.
-Udhaya Kumar.V

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